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I wish all of you the very best of the New Year and I invite each and every one of you to post the one BEST item you brought home for your collection. For my part, I offer up this 1870/1866 Non-Combattant Bar. To me, the one absolute best piece I bought in 2005!

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Sweet 1870 non-com bar Stogie :beer: Here's my favorite piece of this year. You have seen it before it;s my Prussian officers bar. I bought because the Hohenzollern Knights Cross with swords is favorite Imperial award. I figured it would be hard to find a cleaner one. The Southwest Africa medal with Hereroland bar was icing on the cake :D


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Now that I have been able to overcome the stunning and somewhat rare combination of awards shown by Andreas above, I think that either one of these must be among my better finds of 2005. They both belong to groups and are not single "lost" documents.

Hessen Kriegerehrenzeichen in Eisen. As a bravery award for front-line service with only some 2000 bestowals, it makes the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross look common by comparison:


Mecklenburg-Strelitz Kreuz f?r Auszeichnung im Kriege, "Tapfer und Treu". A little more common than the Hessen document shown above, but still in the "hens' teeth" league for rarity:


The groups to which the above documents belong, as well as a couple of L?beck Hanseatenkreuz groups, will have to wait until I have done a bit more homework on their recipients.

Best wishes for the New Year,


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I would have to choose this commander?s star to the Hannoverian Ernst August Order. I had admired it for some fifteen years plus while it was in the collection of a very close friend and purchased it when it came up for auction during this past year.

It is marked to Carl B?sch and is the only genuine example I have seen outside of the museum in Hannover.

Best wishes,

Wild Card

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