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    Meister was a Prussian officer. This Luftwaffe officer has either the Jubilee Medal of the Bavarian Army with Crown or the Prinzregent-Luitpold Medal with Crown, which means he was a Bavarian officer and served in the 1. Feldartillerie-Regiment. You'd think that would make him relatively easy to narrow down (how many Bavarian officers became Luftwaffe generals and how many were in the 1.FAR by at least 1911?).

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    Hello, Luddendorf was a very rara avis .His Love Story with Frau Pernet was absolutely uninimaginable for a man which all considered too serious .Luddendorf at difference with Petain for example was not a womanizer .Dr Ferdinand Sauerbruch operated after the war the General of a severe Thiroid Basedow .that explains the constant irritation face expresion of Luddendorf .During the anamnesis of the patient Sauerbruch discovered the circustamces of the beginning of the Illnes .The General related that he began to felt bad after the famous Liege episode , when Luddendorf advanced in the dark of a August night against the Belgian Army positions at the head of a Infantry Company and were constantly received fire from the Belgians .He remembered how the men at their sides were shot dead and the peculiar noise of the bullets hiting a human body. Apart ,in his way he had found the dead bodies of General von Wussow and staff victims of Artillery fire,but Luddendorf was Luddendorf and go ahead until he reached the gate of the Citadel of Liege ,he knocked on the door with the pommel of his sword an he obtained the surrender of a hundredor so of Belgians . 

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    On 29/04/2020 at 20:46, Simius Rex said:

    Well, raspberries to that.  The only other Luftwaffe general I can think of with these facial features such as the sharp, projecting chin and with an extensive artillery and anti-aircraft background is Heino von Rantzau.  Whether or not he was Bavarian, I can't rightly say. Simi.

    Comparison 2.jpg

    Simi, look at the shape of the ears, especially the earlobes - I would say it rather is Meister.


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    I agree with Dave, it cannot be Meister. Meister did not have the Bavarian MVO, and in any case, he was not yet General in 1935, when this was taken. Neither was Rantzau. 

    I tend to think this is Karl Eberth. He only had a BMVO and the Bavarian Long Service and was already General in 1935. Went back to Heer later. And he came from the Bavarian Feldartillerie initially. 

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