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    10 hours ago, Triad08 said:

    He was obviously a Bavarian with 15 years of Bavarian military service but he didn't receive a single Bavarian combat award during WW1. So there are several possible scenarios for the owner of this bar, not the least of which is that he did not fight as a Bavarian during the war (as strange as that sounds.)  Regards.  


    24 minutes ago, BlackcowboyBS said:

    well for sure he was on the front, the war merit cross from Braunschweig on the fighters ribbon was only awarded to people in the trenches facing the enemy. But true, interesting questions came up to mind.


    These were my observations as well.  He was 15 years with Bavarians and then served in a different unit?  Transfered or moved prior to WWI?  Or with the Bavarians he didn't even earn a BMVK.  The gent was obviously proud of what he did get by mounting them through Godet (from Berlin!).  Maybe he was still in uniform after the war and acting some governmental capacity that he needed his bar to look perfect.


    That is a really nice medal bar!  Thanks for showing it. 

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    20 hours ago, Claudius said:

    Godet (from Berlin!)

    Maybe he was working there after the war. If you're in the capitol you might as well go to the best shop around.


    It's a beauty and a special one for sure.


    Kind regards, Laurentius

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    Beautiful high quality bar! I wonder if Godet did “Bavarian” wrap bars or only this typical type? His bar would look odd in a parade with a bunch of other Bavarians. I’m glad you added another fine piece to your collection!

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