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    • 10 months later...
    On 23/1/2016 at 09:23, Adler 1 said:

    The black cuirass was used by the Garde du Corps for the yearly spring parade.


    Adler 1

    The black cuirasses were a gift from tsar Alexander I to the Garde du Corps .

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    • 2 years later...
    On 02/04/2018 at 22:40, Stojan said:

    Hello, I have this Ersatz Pickelhaube, I do not know what model it is and if it is original, it seems to me to be original.

    Cualquier ayuda será muy agradecida.





    That is  a  nice and apparently untouched felt helmet.

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    Stuka , appears to be original and in good shape But ,always are points to clear , the reinforcement of the frontal peak looks like copper , rare . the spike looks as gilded iron sheet in the lower part and bronze the cone . finally i can not define if the eagle is made of iron sheet painted grey or if once was gilded .well thats my thoughts .

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    • 1 year later...
    On 23/02/2014 at 23:33, dante said:

    Few of mine........


    Sure no problems

    From left to right; 20th Ulans, Brunswick Hussars, Jager zu Pferde, , Bavarian Raupenhelm, Prussian infantry M15, Prussian Shako (marked "F MGA 6" Festungs-Maschinengewehr-Abteilung Nr.6 Posen), War time cuirassier, Guard Jager, Prussian Artillery M15, Leib-hussar











    Very nice

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    • 1 year later...
    On 07/02/2024 at 12:43, Stuka f said:

    Very nice.

    That would be my favourite too, if I had it...

    Here is my pickel wall;


    Afbeelding van WhatsApp op 2024-01-24 om 12.44.27_eb1deddc.jpg

    Wonderful K

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