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    imperial german navy and colonial troops , medal bars from colonial soldiers , photos from navy soldiers and colonial soldiers.......photos of soldiers / officers with good medal bars

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  1. Roman the 1864 medal is not for Königgrätz....and the 1866 medal is a cross , here it is the version of the main armee
  2. ok... riddle solved.... Kürassier Reg. 6
  3. Hello, can anybody help me with this photo....what unit or troop is this officer from , maybe Kürassier or Jäger zu Pferde? picture is made 1890 in Berlin , think this officer has been sent there to some school or position , so the place will not help...shoulderboards are too blurry , nothing to see there clearly.... thanks for all help Heiko
  4. I really can`t see it very good....but as he clearly is a Badener it could be of course a Greif , the crest animal of Baden , that would look similar to a dragon....but I have never seen this cross before.
  5. Great group and a great addition to this thread

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    Up for sale is this small collection of 14 postcards of german ww1 flying aces including some of the rare Sanke cards..... for example: Sanke 384 Frankl , Sanke 389 Höhndorf , Sanke 363 Boelcke , Sanke 378 Wintgens , Sanke 390 Baldamus , Sanke 420 Frankl , Sanke 388 Gerlich , Sanke 380 Parschau , Sanke 395 Friedrich , Sanke 385 Mulzer, Sanke 423 Berthold....... all cards are without writing on the reverse and of course original. Please contact me for any questions or offers. 220 Euro including worldwide registered shipping.


  7. The medal bar with the AEZ pair is very cool if you find the time please show the reverse of the bar
  8. Take a look at the reverse...it seems that the bar has been worn as a Frackspange , then the KDM70 would have been in first and the Centenar in last place....