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  1. He has a very nice handwriting Interesting document, thanks for showing
  2. Hi Karsten, in 1916 his award docs etc... have been sold by HH, did you get them there? In the auction description a personal diary is mentioned... Maybe there are some informations included. By the way, the auction title calls him "Oberst"
  3. Interesting....it seems that the forst ribbon was a full size ribbon that has been cut in the middle to fit the ribbon bar size
  4. I am no expert in these things but they look great really great... Congrats on that and keep them in the family
  5. Mira when you find the time it would be great to show us these items from the China time you have in the family
  6. Mira that info from his Bremen address is from the adressbook of the Marine Offiziers Verein in which he was a member. That was my thinking too... He got the bear with swords for complete being in China... I think there were not too many men from Anhalt - if it was for a special combat action I would expect a KO4X too...not only the award from his home state
  7. Think so...must have been between the second half of 1890 and the first half of 1891....in the 1890 ranklist there is no one with this order and in the 1891 ranklist there are 3 officers of the regiment with Persia sun and lion
  8. a bit off topic...but just for illustration - another little Waldeck-Persia-combo... Regimentsadjudant Premier-Lieutenant von Lengerke IR83
  9. HeikoGrusdat

    Interesting combination... :-)

    Nice pic - nice price
  10. After the war he was in Bremen as Teilhaber (co-owner) of the Zigarrenfabrik Gerbrüder Bornemann He lived in Delbrückstr.10 in Bremen
  11. Mira, yes this is what he did during the ww1... But it is not an U it is an A... It means Reichs-Marine-Amt