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  1. Hello Chris, I thought in Ludwig , If not Cavalry ,Field Artilley or ultimately Train . Why ? he carries a riding crop
  2. It looks authentic , typical Eastern Bloc quality. probably made of German Silver, or low grade Silver
  3. The coat is basically a 1910 field grey tunic for officers with cavalry type collar of the model used By Dragoons and the Bavarian Heavy Cavalry ,but the breast pockets are not reglamentary and the turn up cuffs are higher than the usual swedish Cuffs of 1910 tunics . regarding the lost Reichscockade some Bavarians were prone to forget the upper cockade in the Field .as the pic is dated 1915 logically if Bavarian Ludwig dont carry the Aschinger Borte introduced in 1916
  4. Hello Petr , The first photo shows a private of the Austro Hungarian Army belonging to a Hungarian Regiment ,you can see the Hungarian knots on the trousers . A Hungarian Regiment of the Common Army because of the belt clasp with the double headed eagle and not the crowned shield of Royal Hungarian Army. The second photo shows Petrov in a Court uniform a Palace one . The third is a Cavalry Uniform , Royal Escort I guess . the Fourth is to me a Police Officer Uniform or.. a Palace official everyday uniform
  5. Very young ! of interest ,all are armed with P08 pistols ,one inclusive with a Artillery model.
  6. The Rebellion in the Ruhr territory carried by the Red Army of the Ruhr was a serious one , dangerous because the Rebels seized a rich industrial territory . to neutralize the rebellion the central government employed the Reichswehr and Freikorps .
  7. The photo made me remember of my Bavarian Oma who once said to me that many Junker Families were a sort of Pepiniere of Officers
  8. The ever present white lie : Uncle fell of a shot in the head ,dead instantly and dont suffered. with minor variations this type of letter to the Relatives was writen thousand times by Company chiefs or Bataillon Commanders or Regimental colonels . normally was a shot in the head ,others a shot in the heart .
  9. I will continue searching a bit more
  10. Appears as a 1822 French Cavalry Officers Sabre. It was very common that they were Klingenthal,as Stuka said the Manufacture was located in Alsace ,French until 1871, German from 1871 1918, French from 1918 to 1940, German again for four years and finally French again until today.
  11. Association or better Comradeship of Baltic and Freikorps combattants. Not of a particular Freikorps
  12. Oderane appears as Gehautete in German . well in English it is Flayed . Not Royal Yugoslav because no crown on top,Not Titoist Yugoslavia because no Red star on top. certainly Diver badge, Laurel Leaves and not oak leaves , Happy New Year to all ! Happy and moreover Healthy !
  13. According to Raymond Cartier in his bio of Hitler until the take of the power, The photo was taken by Heinrich Hoffmann in 1914. its very possible, Hoffmann was in 1914 a well known photograph. well ,in 1920 Hoffmann joined the NSDAP, beginning a long relationship with Hitler . he was an active graphic propagandist of the future Fuhrer . In these context Hoffmann coul have inserted the face of Hitler in the famous photo . to confirm the words of Adolf .
  14. Correction, the badge in the first Photo is not those of the Royal Artillery, Its the Badge of the Royal Ordnance Corps if I am not wrong
  15. Hello, In the first photo the man helds the rank of lieutenant colonel and the badge on his cap is that of the Royal Artillery. also the lapel ones. but the second photo shows a captain in what appears to be the uniform of the 10th Ghurka rifles, the cap badge on the cap band of the boss type says so
  16. Hello, I sugests a visit to www.bekleidungsamt 13.de . its the site of a German Manufacturer of very true replicas of German And Austro Hungarian Uniforms. he can answer in English
  17. I look again the Photo and the buttons are those of the Legion , then the man is wearing a 13 dble pucelle on each shoulder !
  18. The Maria Theresa Thaler was until 1936 the most apreciated currency in Ethiopia. inclusive during the Italian ocupation the Invaders were not succesful in erradicate the Thaler.
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