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  1. Hi, my comments were slightly tongue in cheek To us collectors they are a dream, however, to the Royals, they may be seen as being more "Tools of the trade", where diplomacy is more important than historical value, I suspect that with the Order of the Garter for instance, when a recipient dies, the insignia are returned to the Central Chancellery for re-issue, to the next incumbent, inspection and repair would be carried out, the oldest so far I believe (Based on a TV documentary) a set still in use since the 18th Century, regards
  2. Hi yes I didn't spot my mistake until after I'd posted them, however I thought it was worth a look at, I'd have it in my collection The reduced sizes ones are amazingly cute! A couple more shots, (one not so good), Imperial Russian order of St Andrew
  3. Hi, Thanks for the additional details, yes you're right, I got the name wrong, I shouldn't have really as its in gold lettering on the inner satin lining of the case!!, must pay more attention regards
  4. Hi, thanks for theexplanation, "HW" would be for Hermann Weiss, the national mark for silver is logical, what would the 589-36 signify? regards Alex
  5. The unknown Cavalier is none other than Rudolf Hoess, the commandant of KZ Auschwitz, the man next to him, Richard Baer, his successor, in the following image, Hoess is standing with Josef Mengele to his right, and Josef Kramer to his left, commandant of, amongst other places Belsen Kz, not a bunch of nice guys really, the images come from "The Auschwitz Album"
  6. Hi all, I've just added this Commander class type II to my growing collection, could any of the experts decipher to markings? I've made them as clear as I can, any help appreciated regards Alex K edit, just for comparison with my type I, never realise until side by side, it's considerably smaller
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply, I've decided to look for "Period made" examples, those normally used as museum displays etc, still copies I know but with a bit more "History" regards
  8. Great display of decorations, just to add for info, a few more with the garter, all from the Royal collection
  9. To be honest I vaguely remember seeing and reading somewhere that medal ribbons for the navy are generally longer than for the army, other details you mention being correct, a figure of 4 inches (10cm) length for navy seems to ring a bell, can't for the life of me remember where I saw it, though, I'll have a good root around on my hard-drive just in-case I kept it regards Alex edit found this, part extract army regulations 2012
  10. You could try here https://www.mycollectors.co.uk/content/medals/Medals-Wearing-Mounting.aspx
  11. Hi, thanks for the additional information, never thought about the black forest connection, it actually makes sense when you think about it, regards
  12. Hi thanks for the response, I will look in that direction, interesting Regards Alex k
  13. Hi all, I recently obtained this CDV, any chance the regiment can be identified? The cockade looks to me to be Wurttemburg regards Alex K
  14. Hi, thanks for the speedy reply, interesting and useful link, I was wondering if it could be municipal rather than military. Regards Alex K
  15. Hi all, a bit of assistance if possible, I came across this image (Part of), but don't recognise the collar tabs, they look military to me, if so, does anyone recognise them, branch of service etc, any help appreciated regards Alex K
  16. Hi, your new purchase looks very nice, and thanks for the kind comments, does your posted image just show the complete medal or just the ribbons, I can't seem to open the entire image? Regards Hi Gordon, thanks for the kinds words, in hand, they really do look as amazing as on the images, regards
  17. Yep, congrats I think the best I've ever seen, I want one (or maybe2,3---4 etc)😀
  18. I think it's generally taken to mean a fake, (Wring one's hands in anguish for buying a dud/clunker/lemon etc) The piece may be one of the very latest (And good) generation of fakes doing the rounds I could of course be completely wrong regards
  19. Hi, thanks for the comments, it's difficult to see from the image but the royal officers cross is heavily vaulted, but the republican version is even MORE vaulted! Regards, alex
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