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  1. Hi, thanks for the additional information, never thought about the black forest connection, it actually makes sense when you think about it, regards
  2. Hi thanks for the response, I will look in that direction, interesting Regards Alex k
  3. Hi all, I recently obtained this CDV, any chance the regiment can be identified? The cockade looks to me to be Wurttemburg regards Alex K
  4. Hi, thanks for the speedy reply, interesting and useful link, I was wondering if it could be municipal rather than military. Regards Alex K
  5. Hi all, a bit of assistance if possible, I came across this image (Part of), but don't recognise the collar tabs, they look military to me, if so, does anyone recognise them, branch of service etc, any help appreciated regards Alex K
  6. Hi, your new purchase looks very nice, and thanks for the kind comments, does your posted image just show the complete medal or just the ribbons, I can't seem to open the entire image? Regards Hi Gordon, thanks for the kinds words, in hand, they really do look as amazing as on the images, regards
  7. Yep, congrats I think the best I've ever seen, I want one (or maybe2,3---4 etc)😀
  8. I think it's generally taken to mean a fake, (Wring one's hands in anguish for buying a dud/clunker/lemon etc) The piece may be one of the very latest (And good) generation of fakes doing the rounds I could of course be completely wrong regards
  9. Hi, thanks for the comments, it's difficult to see from the image but the royal officers cross is heavily vaulted, but the republican version is even MORE vaulted! Regards, alex
  10. Hi all, just a long overdue update on this thread, since I posted the examples of the Knights classes, I've added, the following to my collection, A nice Royal officers cross, a Royal 3rd class Commanders cross, and just for fun, spotted an Republic officers cross. The Commanders cross has the same "BG" mark in exactly the same place as the Knight's cross I originally posted, still don't know what it means, though. The republic officer's is very "Blingy" in comparison but has some amazing enamel work Attached updated images regards
  11. Hi all can anyone recognize/confirm his medals on the attached image, all help appreciated thanks Alex K
  12. Hi thanks, interesting, I'll have to do a bit more digging, regards
  13. Hi all, spotted this on ebay and was thinking of having a pop at it, however, not seen the insignia on his cap before or recognize the service branch, the cockade, ok but why the eagle instead of the second cockade, any help as usual appreciated Alex K
  14. Hi Thanks for the links, confirms my initial thoughts, not the real deal, regards Alex K
  15. Hi all, just a quick question, any chance that this is a legitimate period piece? regards Alex K
  16. Hi Thanks for the additional information regards
  17. Hi all, another EKII I've had for ages, but can't quite identify the maker, I've looked at it from all angles but still not certain, the best I can come up with is CD? any ideas thanks, regards Alex
  18. Alex K

    Rising Sun

    Hi, thanks for the info, thought it was a modern version. regards Alex
  19. Alex K

    Rising Sun

    Hi all, just a quick question, is the attached a "Current" version? described as IV class but I think it's V class, if so any idea of value? regards Alex K
  20. Apparently (From another forum) they were used primarily on medal bars as the reduced size fitted in with the size of other medals better, they were private purchase items regards
  21. Don't know to be fair, perhaps others may know, it certainly looks the part and was advertised as a Prinzen, maybe they came in a "Reduced size" regards
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