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  1. Thank you Sir. Maybe not the actual Medal of Freedom, but maybe create a subordinate level award for this purpose.
  2. This is a really great photo! Thank you for sharing it. You have some Ushakov medals? I'd love to get one someday.
  3. What an amazing variation of awards. I like the combination of US Joint Service awards. Very attractive bars everyone.
  4. The heraldry office there in Russia really puts in overtime.
  5. It could've been German. It is possible for this to have been an officer/soldier's first award.
  6. The original paper (Seattle Times) link is broken and I am not having any luck searching for it. I hope it was not pulled. What did it say, basically?
  7. Nice rare grouping. Thank you for sharing it.
  8. The yellow and blue ribbon is the Delaware national guards Distinguished Service Medal.
  9. I like the look of these bars a lot. Its a shame they are so fragile.
  10. Nice focused collection. Are the fighting knives maker marked at all?
  11. This is a beautiful set. Do you have any labor or civil related sets?
  12. I’m surprised at the low prices on these significant groups.
  13. I didn’t know this was a pre ww1 practice prior to Ricks post. I’d love to see a confirmed ww1 era piece
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