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  1. Perfect. I can’t wait to see the results. Please share in English
  2. Those are some beautiful awards. They must be extremely difficult to find, especially as a documented group.
  3. Here is mine. Cheap or not, it was paid fir with a lot of blood and sweat.
  4. I think Auke still performs this service. Do you know him? If not, I can put you in contact.
  5. Thank you mike. This is the only one I’ve ever heard of. The gulls were replaced with the correct fixture/prong type to fit in existing holes. I think it looks awesome next to its medical brethren.
  6. Not much to add, but it’s a really tight bar.
  7. You should get that double bravery bar researched. Those are great.
  8. Most outstanding mixed combat and labor group.
  9. I don’t have a ribbon, but hopefully this serves to bump your request. This set to a Warsaw Uprising of 1944 fighter.
  10. I’m learning here. But one thing is certain, it’s a beautifully made award.
  11. This version seems more cost effective than final selection.
  12. After almost 15 years, I have an example. Color comparison with flak cut-off and Heer veterinary NCO.
  13. Wow. That's something we don't see... Ever. Thank you for sharing it.
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