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  1. Thank you Sir! I appreciate the correction and compliment. From what I've seen- not too many of those crosses were awarded.
  2. There was an explosion in the Coast Guard awards in the 1980s and 90s too.
  3. OK. I see it now. My bad. Wow. What an ordeal. Poor kid must've been terrified. I cant wait to see what you come back with.
  4. I want to share with you this interesting combination: Prussian EK2, HK with swords, Lippe Detmold Service Cross, and KVM! I love bars with the KVM. Very unusual combination I think. I hope you like it. Paul
  5. Holy cow. I wonder what the situation of the shooting was? A lynching or did he try to resist/flee?
  6. The death sounds accidental. I am surprised to see a Purple Heart awarded... am I wrong? Still a very sad story.
  7. For me, tangible relics bring me closer to the times, events, and people I enjoy learning about.
  8. What an interesting group. I hope that you can find more of his items.
  9. This is the first time Ive seen that medal on a bar. How many times was it awarded? Is it a valor medal?
  10. Document group for a famous nurse from the Warsaw Uprising. I love the age progression from the war until late life. Photos taken by veteran
  11. Wow. That is so unfortunate and... unacceptable. How can a website no longer be accessible by even the administrator?
  12. Were all Home Army members authorized this medal? I don't see it in any award groupings I've seen.
  13. Hello Aahauge, Thank you for the nice comments. I look forward to learning from you. The armband is definitely not new. The material is frail and the flash makes it look new. It is actually fairly soiled and worn. I found the same pattern of W.P. in an original photo from the Warsaw Uprising. The material is consistent with the other WW2 examples I've seen. That aside, I am eager to learn from your words and experience too. Please explain. I know these are homemade and very non-standard, which makes authenticating very difficult. I have a lot to show you since this last post... medals/documents groups, a nice hat, and another armband. I will try to come back on tonight to share more. Paul
  14. Amazing group. The documents and the pilot's photograph brings it all together. Thank you for sharing it.
  15. Thank you for sharing this amazing medal group. A communist partisan during the war?
  16. I am sad to see the photo is no longer present. It seems like a really nice group to me.
  17. The bars are so beautiful. Is there a large collecting population for these? I hope the prices are not too high...
  18. Thank you. The resemblance is so close that it seems intentional.
  19. What is that medal that resembles the US Bronze Star, in the lower left corner of the photo above?
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