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oh yes, there are some news!!!! But because I do not know exactly how much I am allowed to tell (by the police...) I will not say too much................. BUT.........................what I can tell you today is this:

4 of my stolen things were found during a police operation in Hessen, they are in a safe place now in a police office in Germany. Unfortunately I don`t know when I can get them back....can take some years....

One of these is the medal bar of Robert Koehne!!!! One is a medal bar I got from Bob with KO4 + Bulgaria.......and two smaller things

Not much but a little beginning......


thats not all, and that is the not so good news............some more of my stolen things were found as photos in customs papers of Frankfurt/Main Airport..... they are not longer in germany now, gone by plane............... to:

TURKEY !!!!!!

The world is big and the life is long, maybe some day everything will return.............

that`s all for now, wish me luck!!!


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Hello Heiko,

I am glad to hear that some of your items have been recovered. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm going to take additional security measures for my collection. I hope that all of your medals and ribbons are safely returned to you.

All the Best,


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Hallo Heiko!!!

Turkey... that's quite strange! World is really small.... But why the police they have to keep your found pieces for a couple of years??? As evidence for a future trial? They can just take some pictures, put in writing (report) and send them to you...

Anyway I keep the finger crossed for you!

Viel Gl?ck!



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.................just to let you know that I have got back 4 things from the darmstadt police some days ago........ the man that was the main suspect criminal in this case got 8 years !!! Of course not for my "little" robbery but for the bigger things he was involved in like Schloss Hohenschwangau....

After this hard punch loosing most of my collection I stopped collecting medal bars.... the heart was broken and I turned my main focus on photos of colonial soldiers and imperial navy - makes fun too...... so please visit the sales section if you are interested in some goodies

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..... the man they have got is just one of some.... he is the one where most of the things were found but he was not the lone gangsta.... there are many more behind him or beside him or over him....who knows..... he said nothing during the trial and he did never say "I was it".... seems to be some kind of mafia.... there is no money to get from him because he owes many people a lot of money right now - no chance...... :(

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On ‎2‎/‎24‎/‎2017 at 10:21, new world said:

You are correct, it's never a good idea to post bunch of expensive items on a public forum.

I have not posted all of my stuff, but believe me, I won't do much now.  Also, as I do with my guns/firearms, my collection room will be off limits besides only to a trusted few when they come over and doors shut and locks lock when maintenance people come over.

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