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Lt dR Wilhelm Ruwie (destroyed seven tanks). From Nassauer Bote, 31.10.1918

Such an amazing project to lift all these brave men from oblivion 👍

Here's a picture I found somewhere. An unknown LW Major with HHOX, WF and Meiningen.

Posted Images

Possibly a new one (he isn't in any of my lists, except the Zähringen Lion rolls):

Dr. rer. pol. Gerhard Wilhelm Roos, born 3 June 1883 in Cuxhaven. Received the BZ3bX on 19 August 1915 as a Leutnant, 1.Res.Kp., II./PB 14. Received the HOH3X on 1 November 1918 as an Oberleutnant and Führer, Minenw.-Kp. 402.

He got the BZ3bX because he was in a Baden unit, but Cuxhaven was an exclave of Hamburg, so he also got his home state's decoration, the Hamburg Hanseatenkreuz, on 23 February 1918.

Also: 1914EK1&2, 1939KVK1X&2X, VAw, FKE, WHDA3, and Luftschutz2.



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please, das anyone knows when was decorated with the Ritterkreuz des Kgl. Preuss. Hausordens von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern next pilots:

Ulrich Neckel

Hans Kirschstein

Kurt Erwin Wuesthoff (00.08.1917)

Hans Klein

Friedrich Friedrichs

Alois Heldmann

Justus Grassmann

Heinrich Claudius Kroll

Richard Wenzl



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Here is a copy of the citation for the HOH3X for Eberhard Fangauf, with the date of award and the grounds for the award. There is a typo here - his unit should be Sturmbataillon Nr. 7, not 2.

Edited by Dave Danner
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Wow Dave that´s amazing, where did you find it? Is there such a citation for every award of the HHO3X?

There probably was, but they were destroyed in World War Two when the Heeresarchiv Potsdam was hit by Allied bombing.

Eberhard Fangauf went into the film industry after the war and joined the Reichspropagandaleitung in 1932, which became Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry after the Nazi takeover. Fangauf joined the SS in 1938, reaching the rank of Obersturmbannführer in 1941. A copy of the citation is in his SS Personalakte.

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Here is an interesting one:

In Geile's list of HOH3Xs from the MWB, there is a Lt.d.R. Fredbold listed. I found no one named Fredbold anywhere, so I thought it might be a typo. Indeed it was, and the typo was in the MWB, so not Geile's fault:

The closest match I could find was Fredebold. There were two Lts.d.R. Fredebold, both in RIR 74. One. Walter Fredebold, born in Hilligsfeld, Kreis Hameln and a cand. chem. in Hannover, was promoted to Lt.d.R. on 20 March 1915 but was killed in action on 17 July of that year.

The other, Reinhard, born in Stöcken, Hannover, was promoted to Lt.d.R. on 2 September 1915. Googling Reinhard Fredebold, I discovered that he was:

Dipl.-Ing. Konrad Hermann Reinhard Fredebold

- born 20.4.1896 in Stöcken, Hannover, died 1.4.1976 in Hannover

- Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 30 August 1942 as a Maj.d.R. and commander of III./IR 191.

eMedals has his Knight's Cross and several other awards and documents, but no medal bar or ribbon bar, so those may still be out there somewhere. However, as you can see from the photos below, he did have a 4-place ribbon bar with the EK2mSp, the HOH3X, one other ribbon, and the Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer. I would guess the third ribbon is the Oldenburg Friedrich-August Cross, based on the way that ribbon shows in black&white photos, and based on the fact that RIR 74 had one Oldenburg and two Hannover battalions.






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I found this picture of Oberstleutnant a.D. August von Avemann in a magazine for veterans of 1. Nassauisches Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Nr.27 Oranien. Unfortunately, all I have is this grainy scan, but below the photo is my best guess/reconstruction of the ribbon bar, using Lukasz Gaszewski's ribbon images. I would guess the one unidentified ribbon is the Hessen-Darmstadt Tapferkeitsmedaille. I base this on the pattern and the proximity of the Frankfurt-based regiment to Hesse, though it could be something similar like the Hamburg Hanseatenkreuz.

The neck decoration is an Ehrenritterkreuz of the Johanniterorden, by the way. Very similar to a plM, especially in a black & white photo.

Avemann was born in Weimar on 18 March 1869. He served in 1.GFAR from 1890 to 1893, and then went to FAR 27. He served in FAR 27 from October 1893 to February 1917, when he became commander of LFAR 15 and Art.Kdr. of 15. Landwehr-Division. He also briefly was detached to command an Austro-Hungarian brigade, and then returned to FAR 27 as regimental commander on 19 October 1917. He remained in command of the regiment through the end of the war.

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By the way, the gentleman above is Dr.med. Ewald Luyken, Stabsarzt d.R., 2.GFAR, RIR 206 and RIR 208.


Another (I believe) previously unknown late-war recipient:

• Gerhard Schiche, Oberleutnant, Führer 2.Feld-Komp., Pi.-Btl. 14, HOH3X on 8. November 1918.

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Hi Dave,

nice find!!!!

BTW, Schiche got as well the princely Hohenzollern 3rd class with swords.

Lots of greetings


Also the Oldenburg Friedrich August Kreuz 1.Kl., Deutsches Kreuz in Gold, Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen and Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber (2.WK).

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Here is apparently another late-war recipient who is not in the MWB or Geile. From the 2. November 1918 issue of the Apotheker-Zeitung,

Franz Klockenbring, born 30.11.1894 in Osterfeld, Kreis Recklinghausen. He was a pharmacist in Mülheim an der Ruhr when the war began. He was promoted to Lt.d.R. (Recklinghausen) in IR 190 on 8. April 1916 and war wounded in 1917. Based on this website, he apparently moved to Strasbourg in Alsace after the war and his descendants still live there.

There was another Lt.d.R. Klockenbring in IR 190 - Fritz, born 2. March 1893 in Berlin-Steglitz, killed in action 5. July 1916. He and Franz were brothers.

No idea if they were related to Lt. Karl Georg Klockenbring from IR 97, the later Generalmajor and DKiG recipient. Maybe cousins.



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And another. From the 6. November 1918 issue of the Apotheker-Zeitung,

Dr. phil. Philipp Palm was born in Schorndorf, Württemberg, and was a Lt.d.R. in FAR 13. He received the WF3bX and Hessen Bravery Medal in 1915, and the Württemberg Military Merit Order in May 1918 in place of his WF3bX. He was wounded at least three times.

The Palms have been a rather prominent family of apothecaries/pharmacists in Schorndorf for several hundred years. There is a bit of history here: http://www.palm-apotheke.de/Wir%20%C3%BCber%20uns/Geschichte-frame.html

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Here is another photo of Saxon officier with knight cross with X of House Order of Hohenzollern.

Major Konrad von Rüdiger.

For the moment I have found no date for this award.


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