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    House Order of Hohenzollern - info needed

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    I am interested to find added info on Lt dR Georg? van der Emde. He is listed in MWB dated 05.09.1918 for receiving the HOH3x. 

    He was l-WIacc on 12.07.1917 but I canot find him in the DVLs. He apparently dont have any known BAMA or BA file. I also cannot find his promotion to Lt dR in the MWB due their poor search function so I lack an Regiment for him.


    However I have fair info of his service as observer within the Fliegertruppe during 1917 to 1918.


    Anyone who have his date an place of birth or added info on him ?





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    He was a Kriegsfreiwilliger in Reserve-Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 51. On 31.12.1915, he was promoted to Leutnant der Reserve (Arolsen) in that regiment.


    He received the Waldeck Silver Merit Medal with Swords on 13.4.1915 as a Kr.Frw. in RFAR 51, the Waldeck Merit Cross 4th Class with Swords on 19.1.1918 as a Lt.d.R. and Beobachter in a Flieger-Abteilung, and the HOH3X on 16.7.1918 as a Lt.d.R. in FA 19.


    The family appears to be from Mengeringhausen, Kreis der Twiste, a town near Arolsen which was later incorporated into Bad Arolsen in 1974. I can't find anything further, including confirmation of the first name.

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    Hello friends,


    thanks a lot for all these additions!!!!


    By the way, I came across a transcription of a list from the Militärkabinett sent to the AOK's late 1918 with a lot of late war awards of HOH3X.

    ALL of the mentioned Reserve and Landwehr guys there were known to us, all were in the big MilKab-file.

    I could confirm quite a few already suspected active Officers and add 16 more until now unknown ones.


    8269 names are now on the list, thats only 22 short of the full known number of 8291... 


    ...BUT...out of these, 146 are only halfway confirmed chaps from secondary sources, which I would like to confirm a 2nd or 3rd time... List below.


    I am quite suspicious about any Reserve or Landwehr or Non-Prussians mentioned somewhere with the HOH3X, which are not listed in the MilKab-File or where we do not have any official source.  I am quite sure, there were plenty of nice little mistakes in the old newspapers. Maybe a guy got a HEK instead a HOH, was put in for one but did not get it or whatever.


    O'Connor for example mentioned as well a lot of HOH3X-holders, some are mistakes.... Erhard Milch for example. His Medal Bar is known, no HOH3X.


    About the mentioned Full Colonels - please be very careful with obituaries and 2nd class sources like newspapers...

    Schmettow for example held a PEACETIME HOH, no swords. in 1917 he received the KO2X.

    Launhardt got a Red Eagle 3 with WHITE ribbon - no swords - in Sept 1918. No HOH3X.

    Walter von Schwerin is mentioned with the HOH3X in the Regimental History of 4th GFAR in 1917, most likely wrong, he's got the KO2X.

    Up to late 1915, full Colonels did indeed get the HOH3X, this was changed in 1916, as Colonels got the KO2X. Mostly this guys held positions of a MajGen, so at least they received a nice neck order from that time on.

    From the quite early HOH3X in 1915, a few are only mentioned in the Staatsanzeiger, not in the Militärwochenblatt.


    All the best,



    Name    DstGrd    and.    Status    Bem.    geb.    gest.
    Alef, Peter, Dr.phil.    LtdL RFAR        Lw    nicht MWB, PersBogen Lehramt    1888    
    Arnim, Ehrenfried v.    H            nicht MWB, Denkmal d.Uckerland-Güterberg Patronatsfamilie v.Arnim, HOH3X, WF3aX    1885    1921
    Bartsch, Erhard    Lt        Flg    nicht MWB, O´Connor Nov.18, Wikipedia    1895    1960
    Behrendt, Stanislaus, Lt FestMGA 2, H IR 138                plm, HOH3X?    1886    1918
    Bergeder, Friedr.Wilh.    LtdR RIR 261        R    nicht MWB, RG RIR 261, selbe Zeit wie Schwerin, Fladt usw.    1888    1952
    Bibra, Hans Frhr.v.    Lt Fhr 1.RadfKp./GJB    (Nov.18)        nicht MWB, RG GJB, + Gotha, HOH3X, SMK    1895    
    Bismarck, Ludolf v.    M            nicht MWB, Gotha, HOH3X, Joh, SMK, Vas, GE4, ÖM3K    1876    1935
    Blecken v.Schmeling, Franz Friedr.Gustav    OTLzD LIR 6            nicht MWB, SL GFR, RAO4, KO4, HOH3X, Joh, DA, OV3a, OK1    1864    1936
    Blunk, Paul, Dr.    HdR 5.GFAR, Landesrat OstPr        R    nicht MWB, Fhr-Lexikon 35, KO4, HOH3X, LD2, MMV1, DRKEZ1, ÖM3K    1880    
    Bockelberg, Ad.Friedr.Jul.v.    LtdR DR 4, GFR         R    nicht MWB, SL GFR, +Schles.Privileg.Zeitg., zugl.m.U.Kaufmann, HOH3X, BMV4X, ÖM3K    1897    
    Boddien, Hans Hellmut Karl Hugo v.    OLt JaSta        Flg    Nicht MWB, SL KR 2, HOH3X, LK, MMV1    1890    1919
    Brandt, Arthur    HdR Flg, GM Lw, DDR HVA ChInsp            prüfen!    1887    1969
    Bräuer    Lt IR 50    (Nov.17)        nicht MWB, RG IR 50        1917
    Bressem, Helmut    LtdR FAR    26.11.18    R    nicht MWB, Vossische Zeitung 26.11.18    1893    1918
    Büdingen, Karl-Aug. Gr.v.    M LGIR 115            nicht MWB, RG IR 115, RAO4, HOH3X, DA, BMV4, HP3aKr, HT, LüH?, GE3    1869    1953
    Bütröwe    LtdR RIR 262        R    nicht MWB, RG RIR 262        
    Carstens, Otto    LtdR KpFhr        R    prüfen! HOH3X, OK1        
    Christiansen, Carl Friedr.     KLdR Kdt BlockBr "Rubens"        MR    nicht MWB, Fhr-Lexikon, KVKRKX, HOH3X, OK1, HH, LüH, ÖM3K, EH2bXR, TH    1884    
    Claus, Dr.Heinr.    SAdR 4.LD, EtLaz Konstantinopel        R    nicht MWB, SL IR 93, HOH3X, Kol DOA 7-9    1877    
    Dahlke, Karl Hildebrand Friedr    HaD            nicht MWB, Postrangliste 26, HOH3X, DA, HEK3X, BZ3bXE, BZ3b    1874    
    Datan, Ernst    Lt        Flg    Lt. O´Connor    1896    
    Demnig-v.Weger, Ernfried    OLt FlgAbt 211        Flg    nicht MWB, RG FAR 8    1892    
    Dewald, Eberhard    Lt IR 47            nicht MWB, NachrBl IR 47, HOH3X, Vaw    1898    
    Dieterichs, Ernst    M (IR 467?)            nicht MWB, SL IR 82, HOH3X, LK, REKj2X, GSF2X, SMK, WVK4X, ÖM3K, ÖR2K    1874    
    Dohm, Wilh.    Lt GR 3, SturmKp            nicht MWB, Illustrierter Sonntag v.26.5.29, HOH3X, Vaw?    1897    1948
    Draudt, Aug.    M AbtKdr FAR 260            nicht MWB, RG FAR 8        
    Drengwitz, Karl    OLt            nicht MWB, Ostpreußenblatt    1894    1967
    Dresow, Bernh.v.    OTL            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige, RAO4, HOH3X, DA, SA3aXKr    1868    1930
    Eggers, Gg.    LtdR RJB 8        R    nicht MWB, RG RJB 8    1889    
    Eiselen, Willy    Lt            nicht MWB, Entnazifizierungsakte, fraglicher Kandidat, ggf. Wtbg?    1896    1981
    Elger    LtdR 2.GRR        R    nicht MWB, RG 2.GRR, lt.PersAkte KEIN HOH3X, evtl. Fehler in der RG.        
    Etzel, Ernst Günther v.    RM UR 9            nicht MWB, RG UR 9, ca. Mitte Okt 18    1891    
    Fischer, Karl    OLt RgtAdj    14.10.18    B    nicht MWB, Münchner neueste Nachr.v. 14.10.18, BMV4XKr, HOH3X        1918
    Flamm, Oswald    Lt            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige    1896    1950
    Frankenberg u.Ludwigsdorf, Alex.Viktor    OLt LGIR 115            nicht MWB, RG IR 115 und Frankenberg-Buch, HOH3X, BZ3bX, HT, SLK, Vaw    1892    1957
    Friedrichs, Friedrich    Lt JaSta 10            nicht MWB, Wikipedia, 21 Luftsiege, HOH3X, SMM    1895    1918
    Fuchs, Viktor Ernst Hermann v.    M            nicht MWB, Stammliste GR 2    1874    
    Gall, Otto    H IR 50, MaD, OTLzV            nicht MWB, Todesanz.    1878    1943
    Geinitz, Karl    LtdR RIR 264        R    prüfen woher HOH3X, EH3bX, SATM?    1887    1918
    Gerlach, Otto    HdR        R    nicht MWB, Lehrer-Persbogen, HOH3X, RM    1862    1940
    Goßler, Herm.    OLtdR IR 135        R    nicht MWB, Todesanzeige v.12.09.18    1887    1918
    Graf, Paul, Dr.theol.    LtdR        R    nicht MWB, CV    1894    
    Grassmann, Justus    Lt JaSta 10        Flg    nicht MWB, Wikipedia, 10 Luftsiege        1961
    Gravenhorst, Erich    H, 42 OTLiG            nicht MWB, Todesanz., HOH3X, EK2Sp, KVK1X        1942
    Gregor, Karl    Lt        Flg    lt. O´ Connor        
    Grüner    LtdR        R    nicht MWB, RG IR 56        
    Haacke, Arthur    Lt Adj II./IR 143            nicht MWB, RG IR 143        1918
    Haenel, Albert    LtdR GFR, SturmKp 88.ID        R    nicht MWB, SL GFR, HOH3X, LüH    1888    
    Hager, Paul    LtdR FAR 7, GenDir        R    nicht MWB, Todesanz.    1894    1934
    Hagn, Heinz    H Kdr FußAB 35            nicht MWB, RG FußAB 35, nach d.Waffenstillst.        
    Hake, Fritz Ad.Carl v.    H            nicht MWB, Familiengeschichte, RAO4, HOH3X, Joh, MG3, SA3aX, ÖFJ4, ÖM3K, TH    1874    1958
    Hardenberg, Eberh. Gr.v.    OLt            nicht MWB, HOH3X, KVK2X, Joh    1889    1983
    Hattendorff, Hans    H        Flg    lt. O´Connor, HOH3X, BMV4X, ÖM3K    1887    
    Haushalter, Ludw.    OTLzD            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige, RAO4, KO3, HOH3X, DA    1856    1921
    Heide, Walter    LtdR        R    nicht MWB, Wer ists, HOH3X, Vag    1894    1945
    Heintz, Ulrich    LtzS 2.SeeFlgA        MFlg    lt. O´Connor 1918    1898    
    Heyde, v.d.    LtdR 5.GRzF        R    nicht MWB, RG, ca. Dez. 16 f.d.Kämpfe am 5.u.14.11.16        
    Heyl, Kurt    M            nicht MWB, Todesanziege; RAO4, KO4, HOH3X, DA, BMV4XKr, HT?, LDH3E, LL2Kr, SA3aKr, GSF3a, EH3aX, EH3a, SMK, Vas, BLII3, BKO3, NH5a, RumK4    1870    1933
    Hoverbeck gen.v. Schoenaich, Alphons Frhr.v.    OLt 2.GDR, Adj IR 442            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige        1918
    Hoyer, Alfred    LtdR IR 465        R    nicht MWB, Lehrer-PersAkte, HOH3X, OK1    1884    1918
    Hoyermann, Gerhard    LtdR IR 99, MzV        R    nicht MWB, Todesanz., DKiG, HOH3X    1896    1943
    Huber, Heinr.    M IR 153            nicht MWB, RG IR 153, Ende Okt 18 mit Wild, HOH3X, AB3b, EH3aX        
    Jaehner, Erich    H FAR 57            nicht MWB, Todesanz., HOH3X, SMK    1878    1943
    Jordan, Hans Joach.Jul.Ad.Alfr.    OLt        Flg    nicht MWB, Stammliste GR 2, HOH3X, FlugzFhr, TH?    1891    
    Kahlert, Otto    LtdR FAR 107            nicht MWB, SL FAR 107 u.Dortmunder Zeitung v.07.10.18    1890    
    Kessel, Hans Karl Gust.Berthold v.    OTL Kdr RIR 93, GM            nicht MWB, SL GFR, RAO4Kr, KO2X, HOH3X, DA, BZ3a, BMV3XKr, BMV4Kr, HP3a, MG2c, SA2bX, GSF3a, EH2b, WVK3, WK3L, WF2bX, ÖFJ2    1867    1945
    Kienast, Richard, Dr.phil.    LtdR IR 57        R    nicht MWB, PersBogen Uni Heidelberg, HOH3X, Vaw    1892    1976
    Kipke, Fritz    HdL FA        R    nicht MWB, MitglVerz LwKas Breslau, HOH3X, LD2    1881    
    Kolbe    H FAR 37            nicht MWB, RG FAR 37, HOH3X ca.Okt 18        
    Kretschmer, Werner    Lt, HaD FußAR 3                1884    1931
    Krimler, Max    OTL            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige, RAO4Kr, HOH3X, DA    1870    1940
    Kruhöffer, Gg.Eberh.    OLt FAR 80            nicht MWB, Glenn-Liste        
    Kühlwetter, Franz v.    OTL            Nicht MWB, Todesanzeige, RAO4Kr, HOH3X, BMV3X, LDHOX, SLHO, SLH4, WK3XL, M2    1869    1919
    Kuhn, Hans    LtdR FA 202        R    HOH3X, BV3, BZ3bX    1893    
    Kühne    OLt            nicht MWB, RG HR 2        
    Kummetz, Hans    OLt Flg            nicht MWB, SL IR 42    1890    1918
    Kuntze, Erwin    OLtdR FAR 37        R    nicht MWB, RG FAR 37, HOH3X ca.Okt 18    1886    1977
    Lange, Ludw.    OTL KM            Nicht MWB, SL KrAk!, RAO4, HOH3X, DA, BZ3b, BMV4XKr, BMV4Kr, HH, HT, OK1, WK2cX, BMO3, CV2, JV4, ÖM3K, RumK3, SS3a, TM3    1869    1942
    Langenn-Steinkeller, Franz Helmut v.    RM 1.GDR, IV.KT Ar            nicht MWB, Gotha, HOH3X, AK, BMV4X, OK2?, ÖM3K, TH    1889    1983
    Lehnsdorf, Engelbert Joh.Maria, OTLdRaD, LandGerDir a.D., Dr.jur                nicht MWB, SoldKal, HOH3X, EK1Sp    1884    1976
    Lehwald, Kurt    OLt IR 68, H            nicht MWB, Luyken-Archiv, KO4, HOH3X, HH, MMV1, Vas    1889    1964
    Lenz, Otto Max    Lt IR 68            nicht MWB, Festschrift 50 Jahre Gymnasium Neuwied, HOH3X, WF3bX, Vaw        1918
    Limbourg, Engelbert    H GFußAR            nicht MWB, Todesanz.        1930
    Logan, Curt    OLt FFA 5        WFlg    lt. O´Connor, WM3, HOH3X        
    Lührs, Otto    LtdR        R    nicht MWB, KrRL Süd-Ar, HOH3X, HKE, FEK        
    Manderscheid, Kurt    HiG            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige, KO4, HOH3X, BMV4X    1884    1930
    Manteuffel, Günther v.    Lt, GM            nicht MWB, RH-RL, DKiG, HOH3X, WHDA    1891    1962
    Marwitz, Hans Gg.v.d.    Lt JaSta 30        Flg    nicht MWB, Wikipedia, 15 Luftsiege, HOH3X, FlugzFhr    1893    1925
    Maser, Ernst    H        Flg    lt. O´Connor        
    Massow, Friedr.Carl v.    Lt KR 7            nicht MWB, RG KR 7    1893    1979
    Maurer, Erich    RMdR IR 143        R    nicht MWB, Lt.RG IR 143 Okt.18    1881    1918
    Mossdorf, Otto    H            nicht MWB, Grabstein    1882    1959
    Mühlenbrink, Kurt    H FlakGrpKdr 53            nicht MWB, RG FAR 8, HOH3X, BZ3bX        
    Müller-Lauchert, Ludw.    H        Flg    lt. O´Connor        
    Mülverstedt, Arthur    OLt, SS-GruF    27.09.18        nicht MWB, Erfurter Anz. 31.10.18, HOH3X, EK1Sp, VAs, PolDA, Öst, Sud Sp, Schutzwall        1941
    Muris, Leo    Lt IR 184            nicht MWB, NachrBl IR 47, HOH3X, VAg    1892    
    Musshoff, Walter    HiG, GdFlg            nicht MWB, Wiki, HOH3X, RM, SA3aX, WLDA2    1885    1971
    Naumann, Max    H FR 36, GM            nicht MWB, Bio nach Dieter Zinke, HOH3X, KVK2X    1877    1945
    Nepf, Hans    H        B    nicht MWB, RH-RL, BMV4X, BLM3J, BDA2, HOH3X???, EK1, HEK3X, VAs, ÖM3K    1876    1952
    Ohnesorg, Walter    H        Flg    lt. O´Connor, HOH3X, SMK    1885    
    Paasch, Lothar    Lt Fhr 2./GR 12    01.11.18        nicht MWB, RG GR 12    1897    
    Perrar, Anton    Lt IR 160            nicht MWB, RG IR 160        
    Plauth, Karl    LtdR Fhr Jasta 51            nicht MWB, HH Nachrichten 2.11.27    1896    1927
    Plotho, Hans-Gebh.Edl.Herr u.Frhr.v.    RM HR 15 Kdt HQ IX.AK            nicht MWB, SL GFR, RAO4X 18.07.18, KO4X, HOH3X, Joh, SWA, HH, BH, MMV1    1877    1945
    Reiß    H EisBetrDir MED 2    30.11.17    B    nicht MWB, Münchner neueste Nachr.v. 30.11.17        
    Reusch, Hermann    LtdR HR 11    26.10.18    R    nicht MWB, RG HR 11    1896    1971
    Rudloff    M Kdr FAR 107            nicht MWB, SL FAR 107, HOH3X, HH, MMV2    1872    
    Ruwie, Wilh.    LtdR Fhr KraftwFlakZg    31.10.18    R    nicht MWB, Nassauer Bote v.31.10.18        
    Schellenberg, Ernst    HdLaD RIR 207        Lw    nicht MWB, DGB, HOH3X, Cent    1874    
    Schmidt, Hans    HdR, 18 Fhr LIR 382        R    HOH3X, Vas    1877    1953
    Schmoeger, Wilh.    H        WFlg    lt. O´Connor, WM3, HOH3X, SH3        
    Schoen, Armin    H IR 18            HOH3X, OK1, VAs    1889    
    Schoenebeck, Carl-Aug.v.    Lt, GM        Flg    nicht MWB, Lexikon der Wehrmacht, HOH3X, HEK3X, BZ3bX, HH, BA3X    1898    1989
    Schröder, Joachim v.    H        Flg    nicht MWB, Nachruf, KO4, HOH3X, ÖM3Kg    1885    1929
    Schwarz, Walther    M MilKab            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige, HOH3X, BMV4XKr, BMV4, LüH, SA3aX, WF3aX        1936
    Schwendy, Franz    M LIR 430    26.10.18        nicht MWB, RG LIR 39 und LIR 430, KO4, HOH3X, HP3a    1875    
    Schwerin, Walter v.    OTL    31.03.17        nicht MWB, RG 4.GFAR, RAO4Kr, KO2X, HOH3X X zu?, DA, HEK2bX, BZ3a, BMV3XKr, HP3a, SA3aKr, EH2b, WK3L, WF2bX    1867    1943
    Selasinsky, Eberhard v.Selasen-    H            nicht MWB, SoldJB, HOH3X, HP3b, SA3aX, SMK    1878    1974
    Selve, Herm.-Aug.    OLtdR        R    nicht MWB, SL KR 8        
    Sengenwald    RM BtlFhr IR 23    Sept.18 lt.RG        nicht MWB, RG IR 23, KO4, HOH3X, DA, BMV4X, BMV4, ÖFJ4X    1878    1934
    Splettstößer, Carl Otto    Lt            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige, HOH3X, EK1Sp, VAg    1894    1941
    Stenzel, Gust.    H IR 42            nicht MWB, SL IR 42, KO4, HOH3X, ÖM3K    1886    1917
    Stoessel v.d.Heyde    H IR 160    23.10.18        nicht MWB, RG IR 160, + Frankf. Zeitung 23.10.18, HOH3X, Joh, TM4        
    Stüßer, Erich    LtdR        R    nicht MWB, PersVerz. Uni Bonn        
    Suasius, Anton    OTL            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige, RAO4, HOH3X, DA    1863    1932
    Thielsch, Fritz    OLt IR 63            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige        1918
    Thierfelder, Oskar    LtdR RIR 133        SR    nicht MWB, RG RIR 133, SH3, SHsM, SA3bX, SV3bX, HOH3X, SMK        
    Thoennißen, Max    H 1.MIR, 42 GM            nicht MWB, Deutsche Biographie u. AHF, GrBVKSt, HOH3X???, EK2, KVK1X, BZ3bX, WHDA    1887    1969
    Tiegs, Hans-Herbert    H FußArt            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige    1892    1938
    Tilgner, Felix    LtdL        Lw    nicht MWB, Todesanzeige    1881    1921
    Trotha, Thilo Friedr.Wilh.v.    H            Thilo und Maxim mit HOH3X im GOTHA, KO4, HOH3X, Joh, AK, BZ3bXE, BMV4X, BrH3b, MG3, SA3b, BMO5, NH5b    1886    1966
    Untucht, Friedr., Dr.jur    Lt 5.LIB            nicht MWB, Todesanz., HOH3X, LüH    1891    1943
    Vogt, Werner    H FAR 21            nicht MWB, RG FAR 21, HOH3X 1918, SMK        
    Wachter, Albrecht v.    H LGIR 115            nicht MWB, RG LGIR 115, HOH3X        1918
    Wagner, Hans    OLt            nicht MWB, SL KR 8    1893    
    Wahlen, Johann    KLdR MSHFltl        MR    nicht MWB, Hamburger Nachrichten 15.12.38    1876    
    Wangenheim, Heinz Frhr.v.    M            nicht MWB, Todesanzeige, RAO4, HOH3X, SA3b, GSF3bX X zu, SW, EH2bX, BL4, ÖM3K    1869    1939
    Wedel, Hubertus v.    HiG            nicht MWB, Gotha, HOH3X, Joh, BrH4, ÖM3K    1882    
    Weil    OLtdR KpFhr    23.07.18        nicht MWB, Wiesbadener Tageblatt        
    Westernhagen, Thilo v.    M            nicht MWB, Todesanz., RAO4, HOH3X, Joh, DA    1870    1928
    Willikens, Werner    Lt FAR 24            nicht MWB, Akte Uni Halle, HOH3X, HH, ÖM3K    1893    1961
    Winning, Karl v.    M            nicht MWB, Gotha, HOH3X, DA    1874    1951
    Winterfeld, Friedr.v.    RM            nicht MWB, SL KR 8    1883    1918
    Witzel, K.    LtdR KpFhr        R    nicht MWB, Hanauer Anz, 14.10.18, HOH3X, HKE, HT        
    Zanner, Rudolf    LtdR Fhr 1.MGK/RJB 8            nicht MWB, RG RJB 8        

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    Daniel, I have to disagree completely. We are not high school students here who don’t know how to do archival work. You cannot dismiss all those as “secondary sources”. In that case you can throw all the cases that me and others have found in newspapers throughout the last years into the dustbin. You could have said this right away, that you don't like our second class sources: "I am quite suspicious about any Reserve or Landwehr or Non-Prussians mentioned somewhere with the HOH3X, which are not listed in the MilKab-File or where we do not have any official source.  I am quite sure, there were plenty of nice little mistakes in the old newspapers." If you had said that right away, it would have spared me and many others here a lot of time. And then I don’t want to be part of this project anymore. 


    You don’t seem to have any argument against my theory, you are just repeating what you said before. There is nothing that rules out that full colonels could have received the HOH3X at the late stages of the war. And you could not dismiss all my 5-6 such cases listed in this thread. One or two might be mistakes, but not five or six. Launhardt's obituary came from one of the most prestigious German newspapers. It has a lot of details, must have been compiled by someone with intimate knowledge of his career, most probably someone from his regiment or other unit. To simply ignore this, is just arrogance, sorry. 


    You still seem to think there are some genuine “sources” against which you can check whether someone “really” got the HHOX. There is not. There is much more uncertainty, in German sources as well as elsewhere. 


    I would like to remind you: years ago, YOU asked for help here. 



    Edited by webr55
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    Nono, thats a complete misunderstanding and thats far away from my intentions.

    I am very happy with all the help from you and all the others.


    Lets clear that via telephone?




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