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    I'm getting better at making out words in the Fraktur typeface, but I still have quite a hard time deciphering German handwriting. All I can really make out on this postkarte is that it was sent by a soldier in 4 Bavarian Infantry Division, 5 Bavarian Infantry Regiment, 12 Company. I think his name is Nik Schwinn. I did find a Nikolaus Schwinn in the Verlustlisten who was killed in action in 1918 -- http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/7318581 -- possibly the same guy, but I have no idea how common that name would have been.

    If anyone could help me figure out what Nik says in his note and to whom it is addressed I would appreciate it very much.





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    Aha, I just did a search of the Bavarian Personnel Rosters, and I found a soldier in 5 IR 12 K who was born in Wachenheim on December 4, same as the soldier in the Verlustlisten. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this does seem to confirm that I've found the identity of the soldier who sent that postkarte, and his personnel record seems to say that he was killed in action at Thiaucourt on January 29, 1918.

    I can't read the rest of it, so if Bernhard (or anyone else) can let me know if there are any other interesting details about his service here, I would once again be indebted to you.




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    Hello Tim.

    He was born in 1879 in Wachenheim. He was married and had one child. So this establishes his family ties with this location ( Wachenheim ).

    This soldier was decorated with the Iron Cross 2nd. cl.. At one time he was with the telephone detachment of the regimental commander.

    The cause of  death was through aerial bomb fragment which hit him in the right thigh at 2:00 PM.

    Per the German War Grave Administration ( Volksbund ) N. Schwinn is buried the German War Cemetery Thiaucourt-Regnierville, Section 17 and Grave 294

    Bernhard H. Holst

    Edited by Bernhard H.Holst
    add. info.
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    1 minute ago, Bernhard H.Holst said:


    I just added burial details.


    Much appreciated.

    I'm planning a trip to France/Belgium in 2017, and had Metz and Verdun on my list of places to visit, so I think I will have to make a visit to Nikolaus' grave as well to pay my respects, since it is in that area.

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    Not sure if it would affect your plans, but there is usually a militaria show in Thiaucourt around the second weekend in July.  While we were staying in Verdun, a few of us went to that show in 2013.  We also stopped at the St. Mihiel American Cemetery just north of Thiaucourt, but did not make it to the German cemetery, which is just south of the village.

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