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    • 1 month later...

    I found him...


    Oberjäger "Gussan" Gebert


    Oberjäger "Gust" Gebert

    Ancestry do not seem to figure out his first name either.

    From Silesia he was initially in a Gebirgs MG Abteilung before transfering to the 4th Schneeschuh Battalion of the 3rd Jäger...

    Took a lot of digging to get that, and I an still not sure what the first name is....

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    Neither is Sütterlin.  That script was only introduced in the Prussian school system during the war, so adults at the time would not have learned it.  It is just two different versions of Kurrentschrift.  I have no idea why, but it seems to have been the practice for last names in official sources, as shown in the examples Chris posted above.  Below are some examples from the Anhalt Friedrichkreuz rolls. Note that it is the entire last name, not just the first letter, which is in a different script.

    Note the two different versions of the letter "C" for Hptm.d.L. Carl Clausert:


    And another example of "G" as with Gustav Gebert, this one for Feldwebel Gustav Geier:


    Here is "H", for Hermann Hübenthal:


    And a couple of "K"s: 


    And an amusing one, Friedrich Friedrich:


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    It seems to be a widespread practice.

    All the Anhalt rolls I have are like this, as are the Baden Zähringen Lion Verzeichnis, the Schaumburg-Lippe Kreuz für Treue Dienste Verzeichnis, the Bavarian Kriegsranglisten on Ancestry, the Schwarzburg rolls, etc.  

    Maybe it was a way to distinguish surnames from other uses, when surnames were often words.  So, for example, to distinguish Harry Töpfer from a Töpfer named Harry.

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    On 5.12.2009 at 15:49, Chris Boonzaier said:

    Here is another challenge...


    He is listed as missing... but what is the other pencil mark?


    I read v. G. z.
    Von Gefangenschaft zurück ( back from warprison)

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