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    On 29/09/2017 at 21:44, arb said:

    Oberst Gottberg am 17.8.18 gefallen

    that colonel was Lorenz von Gottberg  (05.01.1862-17.08.1918)  Here are his wartime commands as far as I can determine them

    17.08.18     in franz. Flandern gef.

    22.06.18-17.08.18     Kom. d. 96. Res. Inf. Brig.

    13.01.17-22.06.18     ??

    21.05.15-13.01.17     Kom. d. Inf. R. 98

    01.10.14-05.04.15     Kom. d. Inf. R. 55

    04.05.12-01.10.14     Kom. d. III./Inf. R. 55  (Detmold)

    His promotions:  Oberst  18-10-17  Oberstlt.  24-12-14  Major  17-09-09



    Hi Andy, what is your source of that list? I've been looking into him a bit and I came across the following. 

    1.8.1914 - 1.10.1914 Kdr III./ IR 55
    21.9.1914 - 9.11.1914 Fhr IR 16
    9.11.(1.10.)1914 - 5.4.1915 Kdr IR 55
    27.5.1915 - 7.1.1917 Kdr IR 98
    8.2.1917 - 2.8.1917 Kdr RIR 15
    2.8.1917 - 1918 Kdt von Norderney
    22.6.1918 - 17.8.1918g. Kdr 96. RIB

    It's pretty close but the dates differ. 

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    I used Wegner's "Stellenbesetzung der deutschen Heere" as well as the Militärwichenblatt plus a few "Dienstaltersllisten" for his promotions.

    The problem with Wegner is that he does not usually provide end dates.  I use the date that the next officer took over, not always the same date the first officer departed, hence differences.

    What sources did you use to find his command of RIR 15 and as Komdt of Nordeney??

    Andy (arb)


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    2 hours ago, arb said:

    What sources did you use to find his command of RIR 15 and as Komdt of Nordeney??

    Andy (arb)


    I found it on the axis forum: https://forum.axishistory.com//viewtopic.php?t=193741

    Doesn't mention sources tho.

    On a side note. The 2 von Gottbergs mentioned in that thread are brothers.

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    I can use some major help with these ones. 

    This index for photographs are from 7.7.18 to 20.11.18.  From the 21. Reserve-Division and most likely the 41. Reserve-Infanterie-Brigade. 

    Some names I identified already. Cantin (on first page), Croisilles, Quentin, Quievy, Valenciennes, La Bourse Brussel.







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    Can I get some help with the Handwriting?  My wife's Great Grandfather in Austrian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 "Georg Prinx von sachsen".


    Now I could use some help from a native German speaker that can help me with the handwriting.  What I know is: Ort: Stehlowitz, BezirK: Muhlhausen, Kreis oder Komitat: Budweis, Land: Bohmen.  Geburtsjahr: 1834, Religion: katolisch, Stand: Ledig, Profession: ?  That all matches other family docs I have.

    I sure could use some with the rest of it.  next stop is to figure out if he was in the Italian campaign of 1859 and the battle of Solferino,.



    PINZ FRANZ Grundblaetter.jpg

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