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    This one is early-ish 3.3.1941 constructed of 835 silver.

    Some details surrounding the recipient:

    Feldwebel Otto Stadel was a Radio Operator on HE111's flying sorties over England when he was KIA on 27th May 1941, only 3 months after being awarded the Ehrenpokal.

    On that day he was in HE111 H-8 (G1+AM Wk Nr. 3867) crewed by:

    (P) Fw. Lorenz Kempel (67019/136)

    (O) Uffz. Kurt Nuglan (67020/122)

    (W) Fw. Otto Stadel (67019/69)

    (FE) Fw. Martin G?bel (Sch./F.A.R.24 Nr. 480)

    (G) Gfr. Josef Wiederer (4./F.A.R.53 Nr. 359)

    They were on an armed reconnaissance mission on the English Channel when they were spotted and attacked by 2 spitfires from 66 Squadron, piloted by P/O F. Oliver and P/O J.H. Pickering.

    Standing no chance against 2 Spitfires, HE111 G1+AM was shot down and crashed into the sea off Gurand's Head, west of St. Ives, Cornwall.

    Otto Stadel is now buried in the German War Cemetary at Cannock Chase, UK. Grave 266, Block5, row 12.

    Given that Kampfgeschwader 55 "Greif" were heavily involved in the Battle of Britain, it is highly probable that Fw. Stadel was a BoB veteran.


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    Guest Rick Research

    AND at some point you can actually visit his gravesite. THAT would make for unusual extra historical documentation of this group. :beer:

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    "Ya' doon good" as some would say.

    Every so often something comes along that's special, and when that happens, I like the old Germanic and pagan customs of a "christening" ("Getaufen") with a good libation. A wee small dram in other words either in the Pokal, or in something something else, drunk in it's honour.

    -If- you use the Pokal, think of the man, remember him and what you know of his life. Also, remember the man who went down in flames because that was also part of what getting that goblet meant: two men, and two lives and what happened. Then clean it well, and don't drink out of it again. Something things are meant to be remembered, but not repeated.


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    Small Update****

    I was trying to research further and came across some info on P/O JH Pickering...

    He was a BoB veteran and was shot down several times.

    P/O J.H.T.Pickering of No 66 Squadron was rescued unhurt out of the sea off Aldeburgh on the 30th of August 1940 after being shot down in his Spitfire I (R6715) by return fire from a Do 17 at 17:00hrs.

    P/O J.H.T.Pickering was injured on the 11th of October 1940 when Spitfire I (X4052) was shot down by Oberst W. M?lders of JG 51 in a Bf 109 over Canterbury at 11:15hrs.

    Later KIA. PICKERING, P/O J. H. T. 80821 British. 66 Squadron. Killed February 15th 1942

    Thanks again to everyone's contributions and comments. If you hear of or see any docs to Otto Stadel, please let me know.

    Rich :cheers:

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    Hi Richard,

    Terrific Ehrenpokel, great group shot and a very interesting and moving presention on this thread. Most enjoyable! :beer:

    I've kicked myself in my hindparts for twenty some odd years as I had the opportunity once upon a time to purchase an entire group consisting of the Honor Goblet, all the recipients awards, award documents, etc... a sizeable group and well documented for $1,400. Sadly too many other things tempted me away from it. I was still in the "kid in a candy store" phase which can be dangerous. And the worst thing is I had the funds in those days that I could have gotten it without any problem. I think of some of the things I did get and really regret not grabbing that group when I had the chance. It was from the vet's family as well so that was another definite plus. :speechless:;)

    But hey, can't win them all I guess. :P Lord knows I've had a few really good finds and have been blessed by a few very nice pieces so I can't complain. And who knows... I may end up with one before all is said and done.

    Terrific piece! Congratulations! :beer: It's a beaut! :love:

    Dan :cheers:

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    I am pleased that this thread has been added to recently otherwise I would have missed it as I only joined recently.

    I too have an Honour Goblet which was awarded to Oberfeldwebel Lothar Tiekenhenrich. I bought it from Adrian Forman some 20 years ago. It is also 835 silver. I am posting a picture with a few other Luft pieces.

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