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    My great great grandfathers Medal bar - Finaly i got it back!

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    After more than 20 years i got the medal bar back that belongs to my great great grandfather!

    My uncle sold it after my grandpa dies in 1995 - and a few days ago i found it on german ebay. it was overpriced but i didnt care about it.


    The damage is unique - and the two holes on the top of the bar are the most obvius proof that the bar is hims.







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    Great story, happy ending.  Once in the family, back to the family.

    Rick R. would have loved it.  I dare say it would have brightened his whole morning to read this.

    Oh yes... Ricky would have been all over this thread.  :-)

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Not only great news, but that's a damn great bar!  I love these old pieces - more than the fanciest PLM or Godet EK.  Knowing that it is from your family makes it priceless IMHO.  Now start convincing your kids to hold onto it...

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