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    My late dear friend Rick's obsession with the HOLY LADY encourages me to share the attached image in tribute.    A ‘recent discovery’ yields even more spectacular deviant insignia ramifications for this unique honor.  No, not Georgien Orden der Heiligen Tamara, Bruststern 1.Klasse in übergroßer Ausführung für Generäle!!  Certainly much more likely, Czar Ferdinand himself commissioned this example!!   The star body design itself tells the story.      



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    Difficult to be certain as all recipients of the order of Queen Tamar only received the award document. The stars were made privately at the recipient's expense which is why there are miriads of variants ranging from awful to superb quality.


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    This particular piece is not listed in the 1989 Karlheinz Müller, Limburg auction catalogue which had a large number of the Orders and uniforms of Zar Ferdinand 1. of Bulgaria.

    The seller's description does not mention a relationship to Zar Ferdinand 1. of Bulgaria:

     "Georgien Orden der Heiligen Tamara, Bruststern 1.Klasse in übergroßer Ausführung für Generäle,

    wohl Silber und teilweise vergoldet, Zentrum Silber mit vergoldeten Erhöhungen, mehrteilig gearbeitet
    (zweiteiliger Stern bestehend aus einem vierstrahligen silbernen und goldenen Stern, diese rückseitig vierfach verschraubt),
    rückseitig an feinem Nadelsystem, Höhe 96,07 mm (also wie ein Großkreuzstern !!!), herausragend gearbeitetes Stück in absolutem Bestzustand,
     in dieser fast einmaligen Ausführung extrem selten"

    A curious piece to be certain.  Apparently there is no provenance regarding this piece.  It appears to be well-made, but one cannot be certain regarding who made it and when it was made. 

    Best regards,

    Edited by Schießplatzmeister
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    I envisioned my comment concerning this Tamara star as more of a satiric remark concerning Frankenstein creations designed to excite and entice the unwary, a topic of this thread.   

    This piece combines a Bulgarian Order of National Merit style grand cross star body with a copy Tamara center [of the same size as recent 75 and 85 mm wide Tamara examples].    It seems of a piece with these recent tinnie or headgear ‘star’ Tamaras that appeared on the market via eb#ay within the past several years.   Neither Klietmann nor any other published source nor Rick Research’s work describes any of these ‘varieties’.  It has no similarities with H.R.H. Davit Bagrationi's Tamara award insignia. 

    I made the Ferdinand comment as his overweening interest in awards is well documented and this star’s body appears to utilize a Bulgarian format.   I doubt that he would have accepted or commissioned such an unprepossessing item!  Further, I’m almost positive that neither Georgian Legion ‘authorities’ nor the ‘1922 Paris-based Georgian exile government’ awarded Ferdinand this ‘honor’.

    Bryansk1959 & VtwinVince correctly attribute this thing as a modern [2018?] fantasy, in my opinion.  Again, I intended my remarks to be taken sardonically.  

    Edited by 922F
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    Hello Paul,

    No worries!  Thank you for your thorough observations and explanation.  I have very little knowledge regarding this particular Order.  I thought that you were probably leaning on the side of satire!  I now see what you mean about the altered star body.  I am very familiar with stories regarding this individual.  You comment "It is best to stick with the urkundes they tend to be less of a problem" has me in stitches!!!  I have an interest in the awards of Ferdinand and have examined a piece in person from the Karlheinz Müller sale.  Although I didn't mention my opinion above, my guess is that this particular piece may have been assembled circa "2015".  Much older than 2018! :)

    Best regards,

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