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  1. The miniatur chain of Heinrich Freiherr von Ohlendorff
  2. Yes, they are scarce too. I was lucky and found one, when I started collecting medal bars years ago. Unfortunately without a name.
  3. Dr. Alphons Schäfer got the Reuß Cross of Honor 3rd class on 10th of November 1915. This was the birthday of Prince Heinrich XXVII. Reuß j. L. The decoration with crown was awarded mainly to individuals, connected to the reigning house. I suppose, that Dr. Schäfer as specialist and director of the not far located lunatic asylum in Roda was also responsible for the treatment of the because of mental illness incapable of reigning Prince Heinrich XXIV ä. L. Regards, Komtur.
  4. This half side enameled orders were used for constructing medal bars. The owner of the original awarded decoration could buy them for this purpose. The Godet company is known for producing them. Regards, Komtur.
  5. yupp, only a small confusion of german letters: Bruststern
  6. It seems, that these terms were only used for the later 3rd model. But the in 1914 awarded decoration (therefore a 2nd model 3rd class) on the Kinzel bar was identic to the later Knight class.
  7. There are two person with this order: 28.11.1915 Bischoff, KP Major (Stab IR 166) 21.5.1916 Bischoff, Oskar, Major z.D. Regards, Komtur.
  8. Generalleutnant Prinz Karl Anton von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Fürst Wilhelm von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen
  9. There seems to be indeed no primary source. The secondary source Nimmergut (mentioned above) quotes in the case of the Hausorden von Hohenzollern with swords is Hans Möller-Witten. He is the author of Geschichte der Ritter des Ordens pour le mérite im Weltkrieg from 1935. In 1965 Möller-Witten published a short article in the Zeitschrift für Heereskunde about the Hausorden von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern. I add this article in the re-published version of 1980 (from Orden & Militaria Magazin). Another exception for receiving a pour le mérite without a Hausorden von Hohenzollern Ritterkreuz mit Schwertern before is General der Infanterie Roderich von Schöler.