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  1. Claudio, I think this is your man: Andy Arthur Gr. von Normann-Ehrenfels (05.07.1874-04.02.1943) * in Ehrenfels † in Frieburg i. Breisgau 03.05.19 unter Belassung in d. Komdo. nach Preußen in die württ. Etatsstelle b. d. Eisenb. Abtl. d. gr. Gen. St. vers. 04.10.15 Ritterkreuz 1. Kl. d. Friedrichs Ordens m. Schw. 19.06.12-1914 Chef 5./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 13.09.11-19.06.12 überz. Hptm. 1910-13.09.11 in 1./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 1909 in 6./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 1908 in 2./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 1907 in 5./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 18.08.04-1906 in 3./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 01.10.02-00.07.04 k.z. Milit. Reit Inst. 1901-01.10.02 Adj. II./Feldart. R. 13 (Canstatt) 1900 in 6./Feldart. R. 13 (Canstatt) 1899 in 11./Feldart. R. 13 (Ulm) 1896-1898 in 12./Feldart. R. 13 (Ulm) 27.01.95-1895 in 5./Feldart. R. 13 (Ulm) 27.01.95 Sek.Lt. 21.04.94 Port. Fähnr. 29.07.93 als Fahnenj. in Feldart. R. 13 eingetret. Major 27-01-18 Yy Hptm. 13-09-11 H9h Oberlt. 25-02-05 A Leutn. 27-01-95 O2o
  2. This is what I found. On 01 April 1911, Remzi, a Turkish officer, along with several others, was placed à la suite in the Prussian army and granted the uniform of Infantry regiment 32 and attached to that regiment for temporary duty- presumably training in Prussian military affairs and tactics. The two officers you mentioned from the 1912 and 1912 Ranglisten are the same officer as evidenced by the same date of rank. It appears that he returned to Turkish service in late September 1912. His name is given as Mehemed Remzi in the Oct 1912 Rangliste noting his departure. On 22.03. 1915 three Ottoman officers, including one named Remzi, were placed à la suite in the Prussian army. Remzi was granted the uniform of the Garde Schützen Battalion. He, along with the other two, remained in their positions as officers accompany three Ottoman princes in Prussia, I believe he was attached to Prince Abdulhalim. As for the picture, I think given the date and the other officers' uniforms, it is possible that these are the three officers placed à la suite in the Prussian army and accompanying the three Ottoman princes. Given Krupp's pre-eminent place within the German wartime economy, it would certainly be a place for the princes to visit. The other two pictures are clearly of the same two people. The officer in the automobile is wearing a Shako, which was worn by the Garde Schützen Battalion and his uniform looks like that worn by that unit as well. So, my guess is that the other officer is Price Abdulhalim At least now you have a starting point for further research. If you have any questions, let me know. Perhaps others better acquainted with uniforms can add their ideas. Andy Here is the original entry from the Militär Wochenblatt in 1915 22.03.1915 Nachstehende Kaiserl. Ottoman. Offiziere als Oberlts. à l.s. d. Armee im Heere angestellt: Remzi, Maj. d. türk. Inf., m.d. Unif. d. Garde Schützen Bats. Assaf, Rittm. d. türk. Kav., m.d. Unif. d. Leib Garde Hus. Regts. Hairi, Hauptm. d. türk. Feldart., m.d. Unif. d. 2. Garde Feldart. Regts. Dieselben sind in ihrem Verhältnis als Begleitsoffiziere der Prinzen des Osmanischen Reiches, Abdulhalim, Oman Fuad und Abdulrahim Hairi, Kaiserl. Hoheiten, belassen MWB 1915, columns 1901-1902
  3. Kilday, They are certainly German officers. If you would be willing to share the name of your relative, I could trace his military career using a variety of contemporary sources in my library and perhaps place this photo in its proper context. Andy
  4. I can add this Andy Name Rang Regiment Rittm Oblt Leutn Geb geboren gestoren Gest Blomberg, Moritz Frhr. von Rittm. d.R. KR 4 20.11.1913 27.01.1906 18.10.1895 19.12.1870 Detmold Iggenhausen 01.04.1940 He transferred to the reserve of KR 4 from Landw. Kav. I Aufg. on 20.11.1913. He was a Rittergutsbesitzer, Iggenhausen b. Lage (Lippe)
  5. Paul, That a nice grouping!! Here is his entry from the Stammliste for Gren. R. 2 Andy
  6. Stefan, According to the Stammliste for the Garde Schützen Batl.: 09.03.06-09.06.06 Führ. d. SWA Ers. Abtl. auf dem Tr.Üb.Pl. Döberitz 14.02.05-14.09.05 Führ. d. SWA Ers. Abtl. auf dem Tr.Üb.Pl. Döberitz Andy
  7. Here is Zschech's entty from the "Stammliste des Marine Sanitäts Offizierkorps 1848-1918" Andy
  8. Uwe, Not much, but a few details for you from the September 1918 Stammliste des Husaren Regiments Nr. 12 27.09.14 zur Infanterie kommandiert 18.05.17 als Hptm. in d. Gen. St. d. Armee vers. Sep 1918 lebt als Hptm. v.d. Armee, dem Gen. St. d. Armee Oberkommandos 4 zur besonderen Verwendung zugeteilt und als Quartiermeister zum X. Res. K. kommandiert Andy
  9. Hello, Arthur was born 09.10.1868 Not knowing exactly what you are intersted in, here are the war assignments of the other two as best as I can determine Ludwig von Stockmayer (10.07.1872-10.06.1936) 1918 StOPi 76 00.07.17 Kom. d. Pion. B. 13 16.11.15-17.12.16 Kom. d. Pion. B. 7 1914/15 2. St. Offiz. b. Gen. d. Pion. 4. Armee, StOPi b. 4. Armee 1914 Lehr. an d. Militärtechn. Akad., U.d.Pion. B. 13 Wilhelm Müller-Löbnitz (02.01.1874-02.02.1940) 26.06.18-29.10.18 Ob. Qu. d. Armee Abtl. A 15.01.18-22.06.18 Kom. d. Inf. R. 174 02.01.17-12.01.18 Chef d. Gen. St. d. XIII. AK 00.03.15 BMVO4mKruSchw als 1. Gen. St. Offiz. d. Armee Abtl. Falkenhausen 08.12.14 WK3mSchw als 1. Gen. St. Offiz. d. Armee Abtl. Falkenhausen 22.03.14-1914 i. gr. Gen. St. Andy
  10. Now that is a great photo of a proud soldier who fought hard in three wars and lived to tell the tales. His EK I is evidence of his deeds. I found his marriage registry entry on ancestry: Carl Heinrich Scherer, Feldwebel d. 8. Comp. d. Inf. R. 48, geb. den 23.Juli 1836 in Eggersdorf Sohn des Tagearbeiters, Friedrich Wilhelm in Eggersdorf am 27.03.1870 in Cüstrin mit Marie Juliane Ottillie Richter, geb. den 21.07.1849 in Ziebingen, Kreis Weststernberg Andy
  11. Karsten, Thank you very much! Here is his career. Andy Erwin Fischer (26.10.1866-05.10.1938) 22.07.18 die Ehe zwischen dem Oberstlt. a.D Fischer u. der Clara Fischer ist geschieden worden 04.07.15-07.12.15 Chef d. Gen. St. d. Armee Abtl. Strantz 22.09.14-04.07.15 Chef d. Gen. St. d. Gouv. v. Metz, zugl. bis 04.07.15 m. Wahrn. d. Geschäfte als Chef d. Gen St. d. Armee Abtl. Strantz beauftr. 30.05.14-15.09.14 Chef d. Gen. St. d. Gouv. v. Metz 01.04.13-30.05.14 Kom. d. II./Inf. R. 168 (Offenbach) 20.03.11-01.04.13 i. Gen. St. d. XVI. AK (Metz) 18.10.08-20.03.11 Gen. St. d. Gouv. v. Mainz 06.02.06-18.10.08 Gen. St. d. 34. Div. (Metz) 01.10.03-06.02.06 Chef 3./Füs. R. 34 (Bromberg) 22.03.02-01.10.03 k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. d. VII. AK (Münster) v. gr. Gen. St. 27.01.02-22.03.02 i. gr. Gen. St. 28.12.01-27.01.02 aggr. d. Gen. St. unter Kommandierung z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. 09.07.00-28.12.01 Adj. b. Komdo. d. Ostas. Exped. K. 01.04.99-09.07.00 k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. v. Inf. R. 140 [27.01.99 in Inf. R. 140 vers.] 01.10.95-21.07.98 k.z. Kr. Akad. v. Inf. R. 146 (bis 22.03.97 v. Gren. R. 3 u. m. einem vordat. Patent vom 16.06.1890 vers.) 01.10.93-01.10.95 Adj. IV./Gren. R. 3 (Königsberg) 1893-01.10.93 Adj. II./Gren. R. 3 (Königsberg) 16.06.91-1892 in 7./Gren. R. 3 (Königsberg) 16.06.91 Sek.Lt. 18.11.90 Port. Fähnr. Oberstlt. 27-01-14 C Major 11-09-07 O3o Hptm. 23-03-01 A19a Oblt. 25-01-96 - Leutn. 16-06-90* bis 1897 16-06-91
  12. Karten, You too have been busy researching. Does his gravestone provide the date he died? I would be interested in knowing tht date and in which city he is buried. Thanks, Andy
  13. Karsten, I think that sometime after his departure as Chef d. Gen. St. d. Armee Abtl. Strantz in Dec 1915 he left the army as a result of a decison by either a court martial or court of honor. That is why he is not listed in the Ehrerangliste. There are other instances when someone who left the army under less than honorable conditions does not appear either. During [eacetime, the Rangl;iste listed such a departued as „Auß. Abg.“ Given his date of rank as an Oberstlt., he should have been promoted Oberst on 18.08.1916. If you look at the 1917 DAL, the officer immediately senior to him in 1914, Oberstlt. von Werder (IR 96) was promoted 18.08.1916 O, the officer immediately junior to him in 1914, von Berenhorst (FR 40) was promoted 18.08.1916 P. If Fischer had been promoted he should have been "P", not Berenhorst. Looking at the MWB, Fischer is not mentioned in the same list of promotions. Fischer's departure from the army is not listed in the MWB, which again, is not unusual if he was found gulity of some offence and discharged from service. Also, he was granted a divorce from his wife in 1918, and his title is given as Oberstlt. a.D., So, we can assume he was not guilty of an offence serious enough to result in the loss of his right to call himself "Oberstlt. a.D." What he did is nearly impossibel to know. But, he left the army as an Oberstlt., is not listed in the Ehrenrangliste, and so, I thnk it is safe to say he committed some offence that led to his discharge, though with the right to retain his retired rank. Andy