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  1. In December I ordered books from Germany and they were sent off via DHL. Despite my efforts with the US Post Office and the seller's attempts no one could figure out where the books were. In March, the books just showed up. There was a note attached saying the delivery could not be made in Jan!. But, miraculously, they were delivered in March. I believe but can not prove, that the fact my address was handwritten, our post office workers could not decipher the handwriting, even though it was clear, to include the ZIP code. They just rejected it. My only advice to you is wait, wait and wait some more. Also, in the future ask your seller to type the address if that is not something they ordinarily do. It's maddening to have to wait so long, but I fear that the level of effort put forth these days by the USPS leaves a great deal to be desired. Andy
  2. As I have been watching this thread, Glenn, as usual, provided the clearest explanation of a very confusing topic. The assertion that the "GFM was reserved for winning a battle" simply does not hold up. If it were so, how does one explain the promotions of three of the four GFMs listed in the 1914 Rangliste?? We can certainly exclude Prince Arthur, but what battles did Gr. v. Haeseler, v. Bock u. Polach, or v.d. Goltz win? Perhaps we should simply accept that there were no hard and fast rules and that Wilhelm II might simply have decided that his army ought to have a GFM or two. Hope as we may, not all questions have a definitive, evidence-based answer. Name Stelle Rang Haeseler, Gottlieb Gr. v. Chef d. UR 11 GFM Großbritanien u. Irland, Arthur Prinz von, Herzog v. Connaught und Strathearne, Hezog zu Sachsen (K.H.) Chef d. HR 3 GFM Bock u. Polach, Max v. Chef d. IR 16, à l.s. IR 55 GFM Goltz, Colmar Frhr. v. der Chef d. IR 41 GFM
  3. Hello Claudio, I believe that is Ottmar Doemling (*10.12.1890), a Leutn. in the Bavarian 12. Inf. R. at the beginning of the war. He has several files on ancestry. Here is one from 1938 Andy
  4. I am 99% certain it is Albert Fatken (*25.02.1869 in Brandenburg a.H.). I beleive that whoever wrote his name used a phonetic spelling, minus the "n" at the end. In the Militärwochenblatt for 1916, Spalte 2132, I found the following which led me to him in the IR 17 Stammliste 17.05.1916 "Fatken, Maj. z.D., zuletzt im Inf. R. 17, jetzt Batls. Kom. im Res. Inf. R. Nr. 219, ein Patent seines Dienstgrades verliehen" just a few days later, on 22.05.1916 he was "k.z. Dienstleistung als Distrikts Offiz. d. 1. Gend. Brig." Sometime later he was transferred to that Gend. Brig. He spent his entire career in IR 17- he entered the army on 01.04.1890 and retired on 18.11.1911 Andy
  5. I put this together on your man. Andy Gustav Fuhrmann (1856-??) 13.03.13 Geh. Kriegsrat, Milit. Intend. Rat b.d. Intend. d. militärischen Insitute m. Pens. in d. Ruhestand vers. 03.03.00-13.03.13 b. Intend. d. militärischen Insitute 20.09.97-03.03.00 b. Korps Intend. d. XVII. AK 28.04.93-20.09.97 b. Korps Intend. d. VIII. AK 1892-28.04.93 b. Korps Intend. d. XV. AK [11.09.97 PRAO4 b. VIII. AK] [1895 wohnt in Coblenz, Victoriastr. 28 [10.10.89 zu Milit. Intend. Rat ern.] 09.12.87-1891 Intendtr. Assess. und Vorstand d. Intendtr. d. 31. Div. 1886-09.12.87 b. Korps Intend. d. V. AK 17.10.82 Dr.jur. Fuhrmann, bisher Gerichtsreferendar, zum Intend. Referendar b. XI. AK His Orden from the 01.10.1912 Rangliste: PRAO4 PKrO3 LD1 Hptm. d.L. 10-09-97 Pem.Lt.d.R. 14-10-90 Sek.Lt.d.R. 16-08-81 (war Sek.Lt.d.R. d. FAR 11]
  6. Chris, Excellent work as always. Nice to see that your think enough of this subject to allow the "evidence" to lead to a proper conclusion regarding the white ribbon. Keep it up! Also, the Oberstlt. who signed Lagerdiener August Breitling's award on 27 August 1921 was Georg Gr. zu Waldeck u. Pyrmont the Major who signed Hptm.d.L. Clauditz's document on 5 Sep was Bruno Rüthling the Generalstabarzt who signed the document for Kriegs Assistenzart Dr. Wahn. was Dr. Friedrich Doebbelin Andy
  7. Gary, this information is from the Bavarian casualty list #315 dated 10. November 1916 Flieger Abteilung 2 Oblt. (5. Chev. Regts.) Benedikt Schmalschläger – München - leicht verwundet Ltn. d.R. d. Fliegertr. Ludwig Hörmann – München – schw. verw. I think it is safe to say these are the individuals on your badge- given by Schmalschläger to Hörmann No doubt there is more information on both on ancestry.com in the Bavarian Stammlisten Andy
  8. Hello, He received the awards with swords while attached to the Japanese army 1904/05 during the war with Russia. Andy
  9. I read Trendelenburg. There was a saxon Generalarzt by that name in 1914. Andy
  10. Mattyboy, I believe that is Bernhard Graf. He was born 18.04.1899 and attended the bayer. Flieger-Schule 5 (Gersthofen) from 1917-1918. Andy
  11. Alex, here are a few career highlights Andy Ludwig Franz von Wagner-Frommenhausen (*25.09.1828 †25.3.1917) 04.10.86 zur Disposition gestellt 30.07.82-04.10.86 Kom. d. 27. (württ.) Kav. Brig. 12.07.73-30.07.82 Kom. d. württ. Ulan. R. 19 30.09.85 Patent als Gen.Maj. 21.05.84 Gen.Maj. ohne Patent 18.06.79 Patent als Oberst 03.03.79 Oberst ohne Patent 04.03.76 Oberstlt. 21.09.71 Major 21.09.57 Rittm. 20.09.52 Prem.Lt. 10.04.48 Sek.Lt. We know that the photo was taken after 00.10.76 and before his promotion to Gen.Maj. on 21.05.84 based on his uniform and awards 23.09.85 PRAO2 awarded to him 00.10.76 PRAO3 awarded to him
  12. Chris, The recipient of such an uncommon award as that deserves a name. C a r l Albert Ziehl, born 26.06.1868 in Flensburg. He was a customs official in various locations in the north of Germany. Dates of rank: Hptm.d.L. 16.06.1911 Oberlt. 14.11.1903 and Sek.Lt. 24.07.1894. He was initially a Sek.Lt.d.R. of Füsilier R. 86 also, the document is signed by Gerhard Snethlage (26.05.1863-00.00.1940) 15.10.14-22.11.18 Chef d. St. d. stellv. Gen. Komdo. d. II. AK 20.05.14 in Genehm. seines Abschiedsgesuchs m. Pens. u. d. Erlaubn. z. Tr. d. Regts. Unif. z. Disp. gestellt 01.10.12-20.05.14 Kom. d. Feldart. R. 82 (Rastenburg) Andy
  13. Shancis, The officer in question is Ludwig von der Heyden. He was born 26 Aug 1869 in Itzehoe. He entered the Prussian army on 28. Sep 1889 in Infantry Regiment 82 and was promoted ensign on 17 Apr 1890 and Second Lieutenant on 18 Jan 1891. He transferred to Fusileer Regiment 86 on 10 Sep 1897 and was promoted first Lieutenant on 18 Apr 1899. He left the army as a "partial invalid" on 16 Dec 1899 and was transferred to the Landwehr, a home guard of sorts. The tumbler you have was most likely given to him when he left the regiment, and your dates fit nicely with those listed here. As of November 1903 he was a salesman living in Hamburg, Ferdinand Straße 38/40. IN 1911 he is noted as living in America. A quick search on ancestry revealed that he became a US citizen on 14 Nov 1940, at the age of 71. His address at the time was 103-13 29th Ave East Elmhurst, NY. The 1930 US census lists him in Queens as an oil salesman and his wife's name as Anna. It also states he arrived in the US around 1904. He died 05 May 1946 in Queens. Andy
  14. Claudio, I think this is your man: Andy Arthur Gr. von Normann-Ehrenfels (05.07.1874-04.02.1943) * in Ehrenfels † in Frieburg i. Breisgau 03.05.19 unter Belassung in d. Komdo. nach Preußen in die württ. Etatsstelle b. d. Eisenb. Abtl. d. gr. Gen. St. vers. 04.10.15 Ritterkreuz 1. Kl. d. Friedrichs Ordens m. Schw. 19.06.12-1914 Chef 5./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 13.09.11-19.06.12 überz. Hptm. 1910-13.09.11 in 1./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 1909 in 6./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 1908 in 2./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 1907 in 5./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 18.08.04-1906 in 3./2. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam) 01.10.02-00.07.04 k.z. Milit. Reit Inst. 1901-01.10.02 Adj. II./Feldart. R. 13 (Canstatt) 1900 in 6./Feldart. R. 13 (Canstatt) 1899 in 11./Feldart. R. 13 (Ulm) 1896-1898 in 12./Feldart. R. 13 (Ulm) 27.01.95-1895 in 5./Feldart. R. 13 (Ulm) 27.01.95 Sek.Lt. 21.04.94 Port. Fähnr. 29.07.93 als Fahnenj. in Feldart. R. 13 eingetret. Major 27-01-18 Yy Hptm. 13-09-11 H9h Oberlt. 25-02-05 A Leutn. 27-01-95 O2o
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