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    Belgian order of Leopold ll

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    Yes, tells or  give aways include lack of suspension crown detail/cut outs and cravat loop fixture/connector.   Many fake centers made from 'original' dies so enamel work/color can be a useful detail as well.  This example may be from a 1960s Hans Schulman or DeGreef sold [or 1980s DeGreef origin] but Fibru-Fisch made lot, of which some 1960s were made of silver-gilt.  Looks like a 35 mm ribbon but ribbon replacements not effective in determining much, anyway.

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    My guess is Fonson, before Fibru took over. Also, Eeckelers distributed similar examples in the 1980s but they did not manufacture these.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for your answers. The search continues for me too then...


    Yes, this is typical Fonson produced Commander's cross but with a forgery obverse centre, made to deceive. Originals of this class are very rare and vast majority of items on the market are indeed forgeries.

    Good luck with your search.

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    Hi I would be grateful for any advice. I bought these from a Brussels flea market 40-odd years ago and found them in my attic a couple of days ago. I can recognise a few of the medals and recognise that they are not in pristine condition, but wondered whether they had any value or whether they are better used by the kids for costume / dressing up! 

    Any advice gratefully received


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    Richard, our Belgian experts will surely chime in, but in the meantime, I would say that this is a nice set of WWI era Belgian orders/medals.  They certainly have some value to collectors and I would not toss them to the kids for toys.  You can check online for the current selling prices.

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    +1; do not degrade them to toys! 

    Only if your children are used to get expensive toys...

    It would also have been nice to get the pic the right side up...

    They are all WWI related medals.

    It is quiet a job to name them all, but the second and last one of the top row (if the pic was not up side down!) are interesting medals.

    And the 3th of the lowest row (défence de Liége) (again with the pic right side up!)

    The 3 th top row ( old soldiers association medal probably nco...)is a good one too.

    All others are in a 10 to 15 euro range value (except the palms! They go for 5 euro or even less...)

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    Hello Richard,

    A nice set of Belgium awards, worth keeping IMO.

    Top grouping from left to right: -

    1. Fire Cross

    2. Centenary of National Independence Commemorative Medal 1830–1930

    3. Victory Medal

    4. Civic Decoration for service in the administration

    5. Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Leopold II 1865–1909

    6. Liège Medal

    7. Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Albert I 1909–1934

    8. 1914-1918 Commemorative War Medal


    Bottom grouping from left to right: -

    9. Military Knight of the Order of Leopold

    10. Knight of the Order of Leopold II

    11. Silver Palms of the Order of the Crown

    12. Knight of the Order of the Crown missing the medal

    13. Military Decoration

    14. National Federation of Combatants Cross 1st Class

    15. Yser Cross

    16. Croix de guerre(War Cross) from WW1 with bronze palm leaf(mentioned in despatches at Army level)


    Hope this helps.


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