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    Belgian order of Leopold ll

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    i just aquired thi Officer of Leopold2

    I bought it because of the huge crown

    I have never seen so far crown as big as this one on Officer Class ..or a Knight Class

    I assume it is 1940-1950 period



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    Hi VC89,

    Yes, as Uwe stated the LII with swords above the cross and under the crown is real, however not official award.

    It was made with anticipation that the LII wil follow partially the Leopold1 Order and a Military division will be introduced. It never happened.

    Regarding the picture of The LII withouth the ribbon --sorry the swords on top of the ribbon ring are not permanently attached

    I just clipped them to the ring.

    I keep it this way not to lose the swords till I find a nice Officer ribbon I bought the Cross with a wrong ribbon.

    I bought it because I have never seen before such gigantic crown on LII Knight or Officer.

    I try to collect unusual or rare pieces of L1 and LII.



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    I am not sure whether O/O Leopold II. from time of Congo state is already somewhere on this forum, but I would like to add some pictures from my little Belgian collection.


    Thanks for the post. I have a bad feeling though, all of these are likely not of the period manufacturing; centre disc and the crown is not proper for the Congolese type (which should have Wolfers's type crown, yours is as manufactured by Heremans and Fish - could be as early as late and post WW1 but not prior to that).

    Your bronze medal centre disc is also larger than original examples by Wolfers.


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