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    My new non-combattant medal bar

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    One year ago - some other things came in and a few went out.

    This is the last one i got.

    I like the bar especially the austrian one on it. Unfortunately no name.

    May be some kind of medic or higher official.




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    On 19/04/2016 at 23:38, ixhs said:

    Here a few i found at the WAF again.

    1st - a 4 place non combatant bar with silesian eagle (the silesian eagle was also awarded to non combatants)

    2nd - a 5 place non combatant bar with RAO4 (i think he got it between 1914/18 because he put it bevor the war aid cross)

    the "green" decoration was missing - there are a lot of possibilities - swedish, persian, brunswick lifesafing and italian.

    I like the St. Lazarus so i added a knight. I think the decoration was Zurückgeliefert (retourniert)

    3rd - a nice bar i traded with Komtur - he was a 1866 combatant and in his old life reactivated in 1914 - have a look at the RAO4 50 (now i have one more  14 NC bar  and Komtur has another

    "Doc" bar)

    (i think he got the RAO40 50 at the end of his career)

    4 th - a big bar i bought from Thies a few years ago. I think there was a KO4 - somebody added a COMedal and i think there could be a DA25 cross and no 15 years LSC. The rest looks not replaced. I tried to find a recipient but who was he? (May be the KO4 was also retourniert - because of its content of gold)






    nice bars

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