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    5 hours ago, GreyC said:

    13th July 1916.



    Yup, it was for some reason a realiively quiet day as far as deaths went for the Leiber... so I included the 12th of July in my name search as well, Often guys wounded in the night before end up listed as dead on the next day.

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    18 hours ago, The Prussian said:

    I don´t think either...

    The Stein is from 1899. By outbreak of the war he was around 36, so probably he served with Landwehr or Landsturm, if he did serve...


    usually indeed.... but sometimes there is a surprise hidden amongst the old guys...

    However, this gus is nowhere to be found, so I am guessing 1 of 4 things

    1) He died before the war

    2) He did not serve in the war

    3) He served, but not in the Bavarian Army

    4) Ancestry transcribed his name totally wrong. It happens quite often, and you can usually still find the guy with his first name and date of birth, but I checked 4 years of Wendolins and nothing to be found.


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