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    Meet the personal Adjudant to the GFM von Hindenburg, Hptm von der Hellen

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    Dear forumites!

    I'm proud to present to you a spectacular Oldenburg medal bar of Hauptmann von der Hellen, personal Adjutant of GFM von Hindenburg (there's a small picture of him on Beyreiss book about Oldenburg's orders and medals, wearing his medal bar).

    Here's the description of his decorations:

    • Preussen: eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse, 1914;
    • Preussen: RK des Königlichen Hausordens von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern (ritzmarke „s & W”, silberstempel und „937“);
    • Oldenburg: RK 2. Klasse des Haus- und Verdienstordens von Herzog Peter Friedrich Ludwig mit Krone und Schwertern;
    • Oldenburg: Friedrich-August-Kreuz 2. Klasse mit Bandspange „vor dem Feinde”;
    • Bayern: Militär-Verdienstorden 4. Klasse mit Schwertern;
    • Sachsen: RK 1. Klasse des Albrecht-Ordens mit Schwertern (Stempel „s”);
    • Braunschweig: Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse;
    • Lippe-Detmold: Kriegsverdienstkreuz am Kämpferband;
    • 3. Reich: Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer;
    • Preussen: Kronen-Orden 4. Klasse;
    • Preussen: DA-Kreuz für 25 Dienstjahre der Offiziere;
    • Oldenburg: RK 2. Klasse des Haus- und Verdienstordens von Herzog Peter friedrich Ludwig.

    Unfortunately I couldn't find anything about his career. Would be somebody here on this very forum so kind to share a bit of information about this "obscure" officer and his career? Indeed being close to such a military personality like v. Hindenburg did influence a lot the fact that he got so many orders, very likely without ever seen the frontline as a Staff Officer.

    Thanks you very much in advance for looking into this thread and for your most appreciated comments on it.



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    Yet another wonderful bar, congratulations!

    Carl von der Hellen was born 27.11.1879 in Rotterdam, son of a salesman.

    He graduated the Corps of Cadets in 1898 and was commissioned a Sek.Lt. in IR 91 on 18.08.1899. Oberlt. on 17.09.1909 and Hptm. 01.10.1913.

    He was a battalion and regimental adjutant as well. He finished the war as a Hptm. The 1916 Gotha Briefadel. Taschenbuch lists him as a "Brigade Adjutant"

    He died on 12.04.1969 in Oldenburg. The 1978 directory of former cadets mentioned that he was an Oberstlt. a.D., so, we can assume he was reactivated during the war.


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    A real stunner! I applaud your success. Five different states. I really like the double Oldenburg PFL Order awarding. A great looking Order in my opinion. Obviously the one without swords for service before WWI as well as his Crown order.

    It’s in great shape. I think his medal bar tailor would be pleased with how well it has held up over these last 80 years. I really like the green backing and tailor label.

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    Ciao Claudio,

    not even Godet nonetheless a beauty.

    @ Claudius

    I see six different states: Preußen, Oldenburg, Bayern, Sachsen, Braunschweig and Lippe - Detmold :cheers:

    Kind regards


    Hello Andreas;

    You are right. I just glossed over the EK2, the Crown Order and the Hohenzollern.

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    I am wondering if there is a second bar that was worn below this one. This bar was not updated with the Hindenburg cross or any awards from foreign states, however no foreign awards are listed for him in the 1914 rangliste.

    Edited by Paul C
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    Dear forumites,

    Here's the ribbon bar I am after... ;-)

    Plus they offer also this document:

    Los Nr. 242: Verleihungsurkunde der Militär-Kanzlei des Großherzogs zum Kreuz I. Klasse für den Hauptmann v. d. Hellen, datiert Oldenburg am 8. März 1915, mit Originalunterschrift des Oberst v. Jordan, mit handschriftlicher Bemerkung Jordans am Rand "Herzl. Gruß / J.", mehrfach gefaltet, min. eingerissen.1, II, Taxe: 50,00 €

    I am definitely bidding on both of them!


    Edited by Claudio
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    • 7 years later...

    I know this is an old thread, but I am wondering if it is possible to try and identify some of the other officers in @Deruelle’s photo.


    From left to right:

    Unknown General who was obviously attended the 1913 centennial of IR 91.

    IR 91 Leutnant d. Res. Neumüller 


    two unknown officers 


    von Hindenburg.


    Best regards

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