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    Lippe - Detmold Honor Cross 2nd Class with oak leaf

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    Here I can show you my golden Lippe-Detmold Houseorder Honor Cross 2nd Class with oak leaf. A nice little big beauty. :)

    Made by Carl Buesch, Hannover, reissued after reworking by Godet, Berlin, in the years 1911 to 1912.

    I hope you like it!

    More detailed pictures at http://ordensmuseum.de/historische-oe/fuerstlich-lippischer-hausorden/











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    Its an extra class:

    Der Hausorden besteht aus folgenden Klassen:
    dem Ehrenkreuze l. Klasse,
    dem Ehrenkreuze Il. Klasse mit Eichenlaub (Il A),
    dem Ehrenkreuze Il. Klasse (Il B),
    dem Offizierehrenkreuze,
    dem Ehrenkreuze III. Klasse,
    dem Ehrenkreuze IV. Klasse 1. Abteilung (IV A),
    dem Ehrenkreuze IV. Klasse 2. Abteilung (IV B).


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    As you all adore the beauty, I feel also forced to show you the ugly beast :-P

    This 2nd class with oak leaf is a ugly brother to the shown one.
    It´s silver gilden and the oak leaf is pretty strange mounted on a hinge and 90° foldable !!!

    I´m not 100 % sure, but I guess it is a very late one from C.F. Zimmermann, as the arms, where the hinge is mounted, are the same like the late 1st classes.

    But the (damaged) medallion at its back is clearly a Godet-piece, so it might be a repaired hybrid, where some old parts were used again.

    BTW, no doubts that this cross is a original one, although in comparision it was less an award to get this (special) cross, but more a punishment :-P




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    For the record, here is another one. According to accompanying notes which appeared to be of the period this cross was awarded to K. B. Ministeraildirektor   Otto Ritter von Strößenreuther on 24 July 1911.


    1125.980101 copy.jpg

    1125.980101A copy.jpg

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    And here is another one...also in a Godet-case, very similar to Red´s one :-)




    And to complete story, I will show you also the official Silver gilden cross with oakleaves, made by Godet!



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