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    A strange mix of offiicers..... any Ideas?

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    3 hours ago, Glenn J said:

    That appears to Albert Ritter von Beckh to the right of the officer at front centre. I think probably very early post war.



    Sounds about right - one of the gentlemen in the center has what  could be a Freikorps badge on the upper right arm, and others as Chris pointed out seem to wear (Freikorps) cuff titles. 

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Chris,

    can you do a high res detail scan of the areas marked in pink in the photo. I suspect they are Armspiegel of the Vorläufige Reichswehr, denoting the unit. The cuff marked in black is the rank designation in the style of Vorläufige Reichswehr, and in yellow the string on the shoulder the corresponding rank insignium. They were not worn over a longer period of time, so (especially in the early phase) not all changed their uniform to new rank insignia at once. If I remember correctly, the Armscheiben were worn on both arms.




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    • 3 weeks later...


    the two officers in the middle of the 2nd row definitely  wear the uniforms of the Friedensheer as prescribed prior to 5th May 1919 whereas the others seem to have uniforms worn in imperial period yet with the Ärmelscheiben (oval unitpatches) of the Vorläufige Reichswehr.



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    Far right I see an oval patch with 4?

    That fits to Bavaria.

    RW-Brigade 21 München with RW-Schtz.Rgt.41 and 42

    RW-Brigade 23 Würzburg with RW-Inf.Rgt. 45 and 46

    RW-Brigade 24 Nürnberg with RW-Inf.Rgt. 47 and 48

    I´d say it´s a 46 or 48

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    • 1 month later...

    1st row second from right just one step behind everyone else was later GenMj Heinrich Ritter v Füchtbauer. He was beim Stab RW IR 47. He was the third MMJO winner here. However, there was a 4th MMJO -- third man from right as his ribbon was very big. I thought he was Spruner v Mertz but the man was killed duirng the war.



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