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My Komturkreuz in Gold of the Hausorden Heinrich des L?wen...

Your stuff, Andreas, is really breathtaking... how many RK with swords in the middle were given: 5? There was also one on Thies' auction today, "am Einzelbandschnalle". Great also and extremely rare the spange "old style". About what date would you situate your medal bar?



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I almost forgot this one. I do not own this anymore, but luckily took some pictures in June 1994. Too bad we did not have scanners and digital cameras those days:


The little brother to Mark's example in the start up thread.

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OK, I think it is now time for certain individuals to bring on some big guns :P

Okay, I don't own a single Henry the Lion medal, and probably never will. Now that Andreas has has totally ruined by day by displaying all that beauty :blush: I'll just post the nicest photo I have of a Henry the Lion. I've shared this picture before, it's from a fairly recent Hermann Historica auction.

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Wow! I love the enamel! Love those Steckkreuz!!

But back to some common items. There are examples of KVK1s from all periods - WW1, 20s/30s, Third Reich and 57er. The cross below the etui is the one that belongs in it.




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