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    Database with photos of officers showing their knight cross with X of Hohenzollern

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    On 20/01/2023 at 13:54, Bretzen said:



    the first photo shows the wuerttembergian Oberst Karl Sauter, officer in the general staff 1918.

    the second photo shows Sauter in the Uniform of a german Generalmajor 1938.


    Greetings Uwe.




    From the photo collection in the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg (http://www.landesarchiv-bw.de/plink/?f=1-328970), two more versions of the two photos above. Of note is that it is the same ribbon bar in both photos, from 1918 and 1940.  In the AHF thread here, Thierry posted a picture of three differing ribbon bars for Sauter, which I've also added below.


    There's something shown in the two photos that Rick L. would have appreciated. You can see the difference in photo processing, where in the 1918 photo the yellows of the WM3 and the Centenary turn dark, while in the 1940 photo they remain light.






    Note that in the 1940 photo Generalmajor z.V. Sauter is not wearing either of the post-1934 ribbon bars with the Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer. Both of those ribbon bars have the wrong precedence, though. The first places the Württemberg Dienstehrenzeichen 1. Klasse, a decoration, after the China-Denkmünze in Stahl. The third places the Hamburg Hanseatenkreuz among the non-wartime decorations and medals instead of before the Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer where it belongs. Both also omit the Bavarian Militär-Verdienstorden 3. Klasse mit der Krone und Schwertern seen on the 1918 ribbon bar, but that's because Sauter received the pinback Offizierskreuz of that order on 18.10.1918. The third also has swords on the Friedrichs-Orden ribbon, which is incorrect.


    I suppose the tailor messed up and Sauter rejected them for wear, but they remained in existence, either in his own possession or the tailor's, and resurfaced later.





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    Karl Lindow was originally commissioned into Füsilier-Regiment Nr. 40 as as a Seconde-Lieutenant der Reserve on 27 January 1898. Promoted to Oberleutnant der Landwehr in Landwehr-Bezirk Gotha on 19 November 1908 (Post Inspector in Coburg) and to Hauptmann der Landwehr on 20 November 1913. The 1914 Posen adress book shows him as an Ober-Postinspektor. Charakter as a Major on 8 October 1920.




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    I am looking for anything on Wilhelm Maßmann, birth date, death date, maybe even a picture? Thanks!!! Here is what I know: Maßmann, Wilhelm, Pr. HOH Kreuz der Ritter m. Schw., Leutnant d.R. Mar.Inf., 1918, 01.21., 2. MatrRgt, 11. Kompanie

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    On 02/04/2023 at 10:43, Mattyboy said:

    Hi Deutschritter, will let you know if I find a photo of him. In the meantime, here is General Heinrich Wosch. 




    What a great picture of Heinrich Erdmann Karl Wosch, thanks for that. Do you happen to know what the last ribbon stands for?

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