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    Database with photos of officers showing their knight cross with X of Hohenzollern

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    Oberstleutnant Paul Kienitz IR 78





    (Courtesy of IR 34 - Feldgrau-Forum)



    Generalmajor Gunther Weichardt IR 91 - IR 551




    Oberst Bodo von Harbou




    Leutnant der Reserve Friedrich Schumann IR 91




    Leutnant der Reserve Hellmuth Gabriel IR 91


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    Yeah, the name and picture are mismatched. I assume that they were brothers, but I am not certain.


    Thoma, Hermann
    *20.6.1874 in Domäne Uszpiaunen bei Pilkallen
    21.11.1896-2.11.1918 im IR 30, 1.9.14 le.verw. mit der 5./IR 30, nach dem 1.WK OTLaD in Münster i.W. Listed as Oberst a.D. in the 1939 Münster Adreßbuch.

    Thoma, Siegfried
    *22.7.1880 in Domäne Uszpiaunen bei Pilkallen
    1.7.1902 als Fahnenjunker in das DR 21 eingetreten, Lt. mit Pat. v. 19.10.02, ... Maj.a.D., OTL(E), Oberst.


    The picture is Hermann. He has the Centenarmedaille, for which Siegfried was too young, and the wound badge, and he lacks Siegfried's BZ3bX and TM4. Also, if the picture was taken after 2.10.1936, an E-Offizier would have the Wehrmacht DA instead of the Prussian one.  I would guess Hermann was an Oberst z.V./z.D., and one of their nephews or nieces just wrote the wrong uncle's name on the back.




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    On 23/12/2021 at 16:11, ccj said:

    It appears Theodor Duesterberg was a general staff officer.  Is this correct?

    Hello , Lieutenant Colonel Duesterberg served during the First World war in the Kriegsministerium , he was Chief of the Verbuendete Armys Section. in the picture he wears the gold kragenlitze of the officers seconded to the War Ministry

    If you looks well the litze,you can note the Blumenmuster pattern identical to those of the General staff but in gold instead of silver

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    I am looking for a Leutnant Vahl from the 5. Niederschlesisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 154, HOH3X (Oberleutnant 1 Januar 1924, retired 1925?)... does anyone have a first name? He seems to be the one or two year older brother of Herbert Ernst Karl Vahl (1896--1944),  at last SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS in WW II. Thanks!

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