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    Finland Minis

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    Here is my collection of Finnish Minis , I think these are like small pieces of art :rolleyes:

    So much detail and beautiful workmanship .

    Enjoy !

    First is a four with Order of White Rose , medal for bravery 1918 1st class , Prussian Red Cross , Hinderburg Cross. 

    Next a Duo with Order of The Lion and Pro Begnigata Humana  ( the last from 1945 given to civilians mostly who helped during the war)

    Now a four again, with Swedisg Order of North Star in 18K Gold, Order of the White Rose Knight 1st class also in 18K Gold, Liberty Cross 4th class w Red Cross 1941 and PBH

    (Only 861 LC w Red Cross 1941 was awarded so its quite unusual)

    Then a single Libert Cross 4th class ( not marked but probably 1941 version)

    A really scarce one !  A Liberty Cross 3rd Cl w Red Cross 1941 or 1939 ( 48 awarded 1939 and 338 1941 ) 

    And next a single 4th cl w Red Cross 

     A single medal for bravery 1941 1st cl w Red Cross for medics  

    This is almost the Holy Grail of Finnish minis , a 2nd class 1941 for non combat ( only 53 awarded so you dont see these to often ...)

    And the last one ,  Liberty Cross for non combat 1918 4th cl, Order of White Rose , EK II , Com medal for 1918 war , HEK  ( probably a member of 27th Jaeger Btl 1918)














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    What did a Fin have to do to get a Hindenburg cross? Serve in the German army of WW1?

    Oops, i forgot to mention: Great mini's..... I like the a lot.



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    On 12/31/2016 at 12:09, Herman said:

    What did a Fin have to do to get a Hindenburg cross? Serve in the German army of WW1?

    Oops, i forgot to mention: Great mini's..... I like the a lot.



    Hi Herman , 

    The Finnish soldiers who served in the 27th Prussian Jäger Btl was mainly the recieptants of the Hinderburg cross,I not recall how many Finnish soldiers there where in the Battallion but maybe 1500 ?  someone got the correct figure ??


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    Whilst I have an interest in miniatures it is usually in Arabic ones, but on impulse I have just purchased this Finnish group - a civil one I think. It just looked nice and the rosette and date bar add to the ensemble.

    • The first award is the Order of the Lion, 4th Class, (Civil - no crossed swords).
    • The second is Medal of Merit 2nd Class (Civil) of the Cross of Liberty.
    • The third is the Air Civil Defence Medal 1st Class.
    • The fourth is the 1939/40 Winter War Medal in iron.

    Any further details would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    Finnish Miniatures Group Obverse.jpg

    Finnish Miniatures Group Reverse Detail.jpg

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    On 1/8/2017 at 16:56, --dj--Joe said:

    Very nice miniatures. Thank you for sharing. If I may please I will share my only example.

    Order of the Cross of Liberty, 2nd class w. swds. (I believe).



    Very nice chain !  Dj-Joe , a 2nd class indeed 


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    • 2 weeks later...

    Really nice ones showed here.


    I'll contribute too. The only miniature chain I own, but as it's Ostsee Division chain, and Ostsee Div. that is one of my main focuses, it was a must have.

    It's missing the EK2-1914 mini, so the full sized one compensates the missing boy in the picture.

    miniaturechain 1918.png

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    • 4 weeks later...

    A new one , with a owner that has done what ?

    Finnish Order of the Lion Knight 1st Class , Finnish Liberty Cross 2nd Class Civilian , and French Agricultural Merit Order Officer

    Strictly he should have the FLC II before the Lion Order but the French Order is quite rare it is one of the highest Orders and instututed in 1887 and since then only about 60 000 has been awarded and I suppose most to French citizens .

    Probably some professor , I will try and find out who it could be :wacky: The combination must be unusual 






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    Hi Christer.

    Nice collection, but I have some thoughts on your last group.

    • If this were to a Finnish recipient he would never had the FLC and the Lion mounted in that order, and if he were FLC II I would have expected that he had something else as well.
    • I cannot really see the true colour of the first ribbon, but my initial thought by looking at the ribbons would be Belgium Order of Leopold, Poland Order of Polonia Restituta and (correct) France Order of Agriculture
    • Although this may not be correct it seems that the group have been assembled later than sewn. There's absolutely no reason for the Agriculture to be mounted in this crude way with a huge steel ring btw the ribbon and the badge, the miniature would have been sewn neatly into the ribbon.


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    Hi Lars , 

    After looking at it IRL I totally agree with you , the order is to wrong to be Finnish and as you say , the first one could be Belgium instead.

    Well I got two nice minis from Finland and now on the hunt for a Crown Order and a Polish one :)  Probably more easy to find than a FLC II  ....




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    • 4 months later...
    20 hours ago, FRE_A_K said:

    Yes. 1939 all of them. :rolleyes:

    - Vili

    :cheers: I have been looking of buying one of these , but I thought the price was a little bit high, but now I see the reason :D

    You own almost all of them ... , very nice collection !


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