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  1. numis ,Your medal was instituted by the French War Ministry in the last decade or before of the XIX Century as a recognition to Doctors who cared free of charge personnel of the Gendarmerie, Existed in three classes according with the number of years of service of the Doctor, they were Gold, Silver and Bronze. It was awarded too to Veterinarians. the medal subsisted at least until the twenties of the XX Century In France the Gendarmerie is a Armed Force with Police tasks
  2. It is a Shoulder Board for a Full Admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy, I dont believe that had belonged to the Great Duke Konstantin Nikolaievich, The Cypher on it Is Nicholas II Cypher .Perhaps the Board belonged to the Great Duke Alexei Alexandrovich uncle of Nicholas II who was General Admiral of the Navy fom 1884 to 1905
  3. Hello Tomas, Hard to determine because the type of uniform is common to many countries, of some interest are the Shoulder boards but sadly are not clearly visibles . I think more in Belgium than France because of the SBs . Belgian Ecole Royal Militaire Cadets used SBs of twisted cord in diverse colours, according to the year . the Buttons appears as those of the Belgian Chasseurs,with a horn in the center. En fin... someone could make a better contribution
  4. That is a complete uniform for Kriegsmarine Admirals. Normally was weared by Coastal Artillery . but the use was allowed to all Kriegsmarine Personnel under certains circumstances. for example land service. Officers inclusive Admirals could wear In Field Service , the current blue jacket with Blue breeches and black boots together with Heer type Belt in black and pistol holster etc. but the Field grey was more suitable. The British Royal Navy also provided their Officers with a Khaki Battledress ,for Field service.
  5. Admirals also were entitled to carry cornflower blue lampassen on the trousers or breeches .
  6. The photo is from a Hof Photograph from Lubeck. The General portrayed could be General der Kavallerie Robert Von Massow commander from 1898 to 1903 of the IX Army Corps with base in Altona .
  7. I have read about the theme. but never see even in photo a WW1 German Soda bottle . Seltzer . Great Chris !
  8. Then , he is wearing a Kunftigefriedensuniform. Feldgrau with collar and cuffs in Regimental colour that is red and with silver litzen
  9. Chris , really I am not able to answer about what was permitted or forbidden to the Army Suppliers regarding the propaganda of the Excellence of their products .
  10. filfoster, A last possibilty, regarding the dress uniforms, perhaps Generals used stars in the metal of their Arm of origin , that is Gold for Infantry ,Artillery,and Sappers, Silver for All the Cavalry, Cuirassiers,Dragoons ,Hussars and Chasseurs a cheval. The Light Infantry ,Chasseurs a Pied used also silver buttons and rank Tresses.
  11. Busch provided his models 010 and 08 to the Army both binoculars ,then the DF03 that was Prismatic . perhaps the n. A refers to his quality of Prismatic .
  12. Chris, Neuer Art could be referred to the fact that your binoculars are of the Prismatic type, and not simply binoculars. First Telescopes were used in the field , later ,Binoculars , finally Prismatic Binoculars
  13. Take a look to the sweatband and inner stuff and lining . all fits more or less well with a real cap but,Why someone had torn out the central portion of the lining ? just were normally the manufacturer name was carried .
  14. Take a look at Militaire Spectator . Het Marinier Korps en Rotterdam . Its in Dutch but with option to tanslate .
  15. Yes it was a unit of the Marinier Korps that held German Paratroopers at a Bridge over the Maas , only when the Germans bombed Rotterdam behind the mariniers these ceased fire. apparently they were using blue black uniforms . the Germans nicknamded the Dutch . Black Devils . Apart of the Four days Cross he could have received the Bronze Cross after June of 1940, the Service Cross of 1941 or the Bronze Lion of 1944 .
  16. I agree with Marcon , the Dutch Marines saw war service inclusive after 1940 and 1942 so the wearer could have used any Military award
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