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Rick, Komtur,

Fritz Vieth was the former 3. Lothringisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 135 Vieth (Hptm 1.10.13 B50b) and still in that rank in the 1919 Dienstaltersliste. Magdeburgisches J?ger-Bataillon Nr. 4 Leutnant Vieth was promoted to Oberleutnant with a Patent of 27.1.15 J52i and was still in that rank in the 1919 Dienstaltersliste.



Sorry, there were other awarding documents in that group, I forgot to mention:

1.) Verwundeten-Abzeichen in Schwarz f?r Hauptmann Vieth IR 135 (date not to read)

2.) Braunschweig Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse f?r Hauptmann und Kompanief?hrer Fritz Vieth Res.-IR 98 (?) vom 28.6.1918

3.) Braunschweig Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse f?r Hauptmann Fritz Vieth IR 459 vom 8.8.1918

4.) Braunschweig Bew?hrungsabzeichen zum Kriegsverdienstkreuz Hauptmann Fritz Vieth IR 459 vom 26.9.1918

The scans on Ebay were bad and before I was able to bid, the document group was canceled :angry:

With regards, Komtur.

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Walter Gumprich was commissioned into RIR 67 on 22 March 1915. He was killed as a company commander in IR 30 on 30 September 1918 by Saint Quentin. Regards Glenn

Such an amazing project to lift all these brave men from oblivion 👍

Friedrich Richard v. Canstein was not a Freiherr, or at least was not elevated to one until after 1938 at least. He is in the Taschenbuch der uradeligen Häuser under the house of "Rabe von Canstein",

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From their award documents, three that you may already have:

Leutnant der Reserve Ernst Paczoch, IR 175, 26. Februar 1917, Rollennr. 5140

Leutnant der Reserve Heinrich Giesbert, FAR 69, 10. Juni 1918, Rollennr. 7251

Leutnant Oskar Wiss, IR 99, 17. Juni 1918, Rollennr. 7393

With 142 awards in just one week, June 1918 must have been a busy month at the Generalkommission.


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please, das anyone knows when was decorated with the Royal Hohenzollern House Order with Swords next Pour le merite-Winners U-Boot Commanders:

Otto Hersing

Lothar Eugen Georg von Arnauld de la Periere

Heino von Heimburg

Karl Bartenbach

Hans Adam

Hans Viktor Howaldt

Waldemar Kophamel

Hans Johannes Ernst Wilhelm von Mellenthin

Erwin Wassner

Otto Schultze

Ralph Wenninger

Andreas Michelsen

Wilhelm Marschall

Paul Hundius



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Otto Hersing = did not receive HOH3X

Lothar Eugen Georg von Arnauld de la Periere = 11.9.16

Heino von Heimburg =11.8.15

Karl Bartenbach = 27.7.16

Hans Adam = did not receive HOH3X

Hans Viktor Howaldt = 23.7.17

Waldemar Kophamel = 19.11.15

Hans Johannes Ernst Wilhelm von Mellenthin = 22 or 23 (even the German navy records are unclear).4.17

Erwin Wassner = 14.5.17

Otto Schultze = 23.6.17

Ralph Wenninger = 29.3.16

Andreas Michelsen = 1.8.16

Wilhelm Marschall = 12.11.17

Paul Hundius = 23.7.17

These are actual award dates from Heinz Rotte's "Die Ritter des K?niglich Preu?ischen Hausordens von Hohenzollern der Kaiserlichen Marine im ersten Weltkrieg 1914-1918" which appeared as an article in something (Soldatenjahrbuch?) so long ago I do not have the citatiuon for where my xeroxes of the pages came from.

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Hi Friends,

I want to bring this theme back to top and to ask again for assistance.

Who can show Hohenzollern documents?

I?m especially interested in late 1918 awards and awards to guys with more-than-common names like M?ller or Lehmann.

At the moment I have already more than 300 additional names than Willi Geile had in his first Hohenzollern roll from the mid-90ies.

Best regards


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Hi Guys,

thanks a lot for the help!!!!!

Acual "score":

Willi Geile had in his first Hohenzollern Volume 7233 HOH3X-recipients

I have actual 7575, that is 342 more confirmed (and 46 additional unconfirmed) recipients.

Best regards


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