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Here's a picture I found somewhere. An unknown LW Major with HHOX, WF and Meiningen.

Hi Daniel, Here are my bar with the HHOx. The first one is marked 938 on the lower arm. The second one is marked W 938 on the lower arm. The Third is marked als 938 on the lower arm. Ciao, Claud

Hi Daniel I have found may be one another Saxon officer who received the HOH3X. Found in the Riesaer Tagesblatt of 4 november 1918 It's the best I can do, sorry Christophe

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There is just one possible Heinemann,

no first name, no unit

Reserve Captain

HOH3X published in the Staatsanzeiger 27.07.18 / Milit?rwochenblatt 24.08.18

Might that be the right one?

What do You know about him?

Maybe a pic?

Best regards


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One simple pure WW1 period ribbon bar:


2. EK2

3. Long Service


5. SLK

Not trackable but can I be sure that the owner of this bar was more likely from 26th Brigade of Army Corps VII (where was as well Westf?lisches J?ger-Bataillon Nr.7) because the Schaumburg-Lippe connection?


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Not traceable TODAY. It would have helped to have a device on the Bavarian ribbon. I'm not entirely sure that IS a long service ribbon rather than the Crown Order in 3rd place--it is brighter (matching the Bavarian and Schaumburg) than long services usually are.

No way to tell... yet.

Once Bernd has the vastly superior updated expanded Bavarian Rolls completed and that is compared with Daniel's vastly superior updated expanded HOH3X roll...

well, then. :catjava:

Not Reichswehr. Alive 1920s.

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I got this group from the late Gordon Arnold 10-15 years ago. Sorry I can't provide a recipient. The mounting and awards say "Navy" to me and the combo with the Princely and Prussian Hohenzollerns is uncommon but, so far, I haven't had any luck.

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That would have been my immediate instinctive reaction as well. But I've gone through the HEK3X recipients (2 sets of Rolls still left for the North American continent :rolleyes: ) and there are only SEVEN "paired Hohenzollerns" who I've got no additional data on any other possible awards for--

1) Major aD Felix von Frantzius of 2. GRzF

2) Major aD Paul Gast of Fu?art Rgt 13

3) Stabsarzt dL Dr.med. Walther von Gimborn of III./ FAR 225

4) Major iG aD (formerly FusRgt 33) Paul Hellbusch (-1923) (Probably had a 1920 XXV so not him)

5) Major aD Hans Rusch of Fu?art Rgt 13

6) Hauptmann aD (WW2 Oberstleutnant dR) Friedrich Wilhelm von Wedel of Gren Rgt 2 (1889-1966)

7) Oberleutnant aD Hans Klaus von Werder of 1. GRzF (1892-)

There is always the possibility of an undocumented postwar hand bestowal of the HEK3X-- numerous entries of the Prince taking clumps out of the Chancery are noted, but since recipients were listed right up to 1947 (!) chances of one sliding through completely unnoted are slim. There were only 60 HOH3X and HEK3X pairs, and the other 53 are accounted for by other awards, death dates, etc.

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The mounting and awards say "Navy" to me

Sorry, but that's not correct. It is a civilan style tuxedo bar. Navy bars were worn angled, but in the right mounting order. However, the recipient still may be navy - but from the combination, not from the style.

By the way - very nice one. ;)

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To my understanding the army and navy worn the same right to left mounting on their service uniform. The frack bar is for use on civilain dress. A frack bar does not indicate that the person was a civilian only and not in service.

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The co0mbination, not mounting style, suggested navy to me as well. The Young Prince was on SMS Emden and other crew members (including at least one who did not exist :speechless1: and one who was listed as a crew member but wasn't :speechless1: ) got awards from Hohenzollern.

David-- no. The only "non swords" list I have is for the Silver Merit Cross class. (Buy one if you find one, oh ho ho....)

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I'm not entirely sure that IS a long service ribbon rather than the Crown Order in 3rd place--it is brighter (matching the Bavarian and Schaumburg) than long services usually are.

Thank you so much Rick! You made my day! :jumping: And I am so proud to myself because I was thinking in my mind exact same thing (good feeling for a beginner to spot something!) but I wasn't sure. Same time of course... after combat awards, then comes piece time one, am I right?

Anyway, here is quick view with pure Prussian LS ribbon:


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Sorry if this post don't suite here but I just start doing first "steps" on the range liste world. I don't know are you looking Hohenzollern inputs without X as well but here is one what I found on the civilians list....

Erwin Wendt...... POH3


Just lt me know is there any help of those and I will post more. :cheers:

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Timo, as said - sounds interresting. But not for that thread. Those again other abbreviations... argh... "POH3"... :speechless1:

Daniel, don't know if it is of use, but I found one more with HOH3X. Looks like Reichswehr and rather unusual with double Bavarian MVO to a Prussian. Will send you scan @ 300dpi if required. ;)

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Ah, thanks Rick for that fast answer. Nice to add some data. Odd bar as he's wearing Prussian precendece, handles the Silesian eagle as if it were Prussian - plus wears his BM4X with the reverse to the front! :banger:

Great, he died in 1923 and I'm working with 1924 issue... :wacky:

Is that a RAO4Kr? In RL 1913 he has only the BMV4. Not even RAO4. Or might he have gotten it with the crown, and not the crown as a later addition?

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