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  1. A friend of mine offered this. What are your opinions of it? I have no idea whatsoever what it could be nor the value. So what is a wise price to pay and what exactly is this sword?
  2. An absolute Missing Link...

    Very cool.
  3. Fascinating to read as always. I have a Militärpass to a man who lost his right eye at Estreés just some weeks later.
  4. EK1 for review

    The maker is unknown.
  5. Rare unit indeed

    Wow, never seen anything to an unit like that before.
  6. Period Screwback Photo?

    The cross looks a lot like an AWS.
  7. Nice to see a CoL 3 -1939 with still so much gold finish on it.
  8. My first 1914 IC 1

    It's an award piece. A very rough estimate would be 1915-1918. This due to that the early Godet's around 1914/early 1915 had cast iron core. The later ones (I estimate)from 1915 onwards had a stamped steel sheet core like yours.
  9. Good to know, didn't know about these. Anyways, the Tirol connection does in my opinion confirm it the the Gebrigs-Artillerie-Abteiling 2 which was a former unit of the Alpenkorps which fought in Tirol.
  10. No, but I managed o narrow it down to the unit as there was only one Bavarian unit in the Ostsee-Division. Perhaps more your taste as it was the Kgl. Bayerische Gebirgs-Artillerie-Abteilung Nr. 2, which had previously a part of the Alpenkorps before being transferred to the Ostsee-Division which fought in Finland.
  11. Quite a rare grouping for sale at Weitze. https://www.weitze.net/militaria/53/Bayern_Militaer_Max_Josef_Orden_Ritterkreuz_aus_dem_Besitz_Hauptmann_Grauvogel__269253.html
  12. Perhaps some people really wanted to make sure you wouldn't end up with the burden of having all the Leib Regiment related items
  13. Help to identify EK2s

    That's what I look like as it's a photo of me My friends have told me as well that I look like an Axe killer, however I'm just a normal Finnish guy (that's a link I find fitting).
  14. Help to identify EK2s

    Thanks for the compliment, it's my pleasure to help.
  15. Help to identify EK2s

    S&L type and a Fritz Zimmermann (6).
  16. Saxon pentagon fold on period picture. There's a link to a thread on this forum of a photo which shows the "traditional" or nationalist fold of Saxony. I recall having myself a single-mount EK2 on this type Saxon mount somewhere.
  17. I've noticed the Saxon mount isn't really an tri-fold like the Austrian ones. They're usually more like 5-edged in a similar shape of a tri-fold, but leaning more towards a pentagon.