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    20 hours ago, Dave Danner said:

    Looks like "M. Schildknecht"


    Second line might be "Stolp i.P.{ommern", but that's a guess.


    Sweet! thank you Dave.

    One more please.



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    • 3 weeks later...

    It is always better to show both sides.

    1) Stationsleiter Oberleutnant Schiller vor seiner Felsenwohnung Xanthi 1917.

    2) ??? Flugboot als Gleitboot und Rettungsboot in Putzig.



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    Premier Lieutnant Carl Muskewitz, Kommandeur des Pferde-Depots der 8. Armee-Korps

    Signed by the Comander of the 8th Army-Corps. It´s the award certificate for participants of the war of 1866.


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    The man was Pr.Lt. Carl Muskewitz.

    Ranklist 1866/67: 4. Rheinisches Landwehr-Regiment Nr.30, 1. Bataillon in Trier, Train.

    The commanding General of VIII. Corps was General d.Inf. Herwarth v. Bittenfeld



    Probably he did a good job in 1866, because four years later, in the Iron Cross list of 1870/71, he received the Iron Cross 2nd class in the same duty! Here his rank was already Rittmeister:



    In ranklist 1870/71 he was listed as Rittmeister in 8. Landwehr-Regiment Nr.70, 1.Bataillon in Trier. In 1872 he left the army.

    His first ranklist-entry was 1860, he used to be Sec.Lt. in 1. Rheinisches Landwehr-Regiment, 1. Bataillon, Aachen, Train.

    That means he never was an active officer. He served as a one-year-volunteer in 1859, promoted to Sec.Lt. and then he served as an officer of the Reserve, later officer of the Landwehr.

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    • 4 months later...

    Thank you!

    That´s hard...

    Above is "Zum freundlichen Gedenken" (in friendly remembrance), then it could be "Falkenau" (a small town in Saxony),

    But unfortunately I can´t read the name. Is it military?

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    I believe the name in "von Ohnesorge."  If the photo has anything to do with artillery, it would most likely be Feodor von Ohnesorge.  1914 a captain and "Lehrer an d. Feldart. Schießschule."

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    5 minutes ago, The Prussian said:


    Bruno is possible. To me it could be Bruno Anesorg.

    But he is unknown to me. Do we have any more infos indicating him as a soldier?

    The Flieger-Obermaat could be Max Anesorge, missing in 1918:



    Max Anesorge died with UC 57. He is not the navy flyer.



    Don't make it to complicated. Can we see the avers?



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    48 minutes ago, jaba1914 said:


    @lewCan we see the avers?



    Sure, let’s meet Fl.Ob.Mt Anesorge, wearing his old artillery unit outfit with a seefliegerabzeichen and two award ribbons, the 2nd ribbon behind EK2 is unclear to me.



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    Great pic Lew. Congratulation.
    It seems he was a Army soldier before he came to the Navy aviation.

    I have him as an Artillerie Matrose but didnt' know that he was an Army man.


    I miss the award for the EK2 for many persons on my database. I'm sure the most of them got the cross but I want a confirmation before I enter the information.

    Please send me a copy of the picture for my database without copyright.


    Regarding the second ribbon it is important to know where he came from.

    Unfortunately I don't have the place of birth for Anesorge.

    If he was a Saxon (Falkenau) than Friedrich-August-Medaille is likely.


    5 hours ago, lew said:

    Sure here is the full content.



    I belive that the location is "Holtenau" not "Falkenau". Anesorge was at the Stamm of I. SFA at Holtenau from Mar. - May 1918.

    But the picture was done later.



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