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    Interesting picture of von Rundstedt and his medal bar with AH

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    Dear forumites,

    Here's a nice and rare picture I recently purchased with von Rundstedt and his bar.

    I can see following orders and medals on his bar (correct or fill me in if I am wrong):

    1. Pr EK2 1914
    2. Pr HOH Kreuz der Ritter mit X
    3. Bay. MVO 4X mit Krone
    4. Sachsen Königreich, Albrechts-Orden RK 1. Kl. mit X
    5. Lippe-Detmold, KVK 2. Klass am Band für Kämpfer
    6. FEK (Hindenburg cross)
    7. WH DA für 25 J.
    8. WH DA für 8 J.
    9. Pr Kronen Orden 4. Klasse
    10. Waldeck und Pyrmont, Kreuz 4. Klasse ohne X
    11. Sachsen Weimar, Weissen Falken RK 2. Kl. mit X (or 1. Kl.???)
    12. SEHO RK 1st or 2nd class ???
    13. Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen, Fürstl. Ehrenkreuz 3. Klasse (not sure} 
    14. China Denkmünze (???), not entirely sure but almost, since I did see somewhere his ribbon bar with the China DM
    15. Centenarmedaille
    16. KuK MVK 3. Kl. mit KD


    What do you think?

    I am looking forward to your interesting opinions and inputs.





    Hitler mit Rundstedt 1.jpg

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    Do you mean this medal bar of v.Runstedt? I had a line on it many years ago but the person who knew where it was refused to work with me despite being offered a large finders fee. I have no idea where it is now.


    close up


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    22 hours ago, BalkanCollector said:

    Amazing! I wonder when was he awarded with the Serbian Order of the White Eagle.

    Online sources state 06.07.1939, probably around the time Prince Paul of Yugoslavia visited Berlin.

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    Wow, thank you! We don't see GFM medal bars and groups every day. However, as Claudio's question for the classes hasn't been fully answered, not even by the picture of the actual group, here is v. Rundstedt's Reichswehr rank list entry from 1929, according to which his White Falcon was a pre-war knight's cross 2nd class:


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