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On 1/26/2017 at 18:02, Mattyboy said:

Hi all,

I wondered if anyone could tell me what award this abbreviation above the EK2 signifies (SRVM?). The man in question was a Gefreiter in Jäger Battalion 2 in 1914. And he was born in Reichenau (Zittau) if this helps?

Oh, and this is from the Bavarian archives. The guy's name is Kurt Anders and his date of birth was 17.06.1893.

Thanks a lot.



It doesn't really look like it, but the first letter is an "F".  He was a Gefreiter in Saxon JB 13, whose chief was Heinrich XXVII Fürst Reuß, when he got the award.  So it is "Fürstlich Reußische Verdienst-Medaille mit Schwertern"


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Hi Dave,

Thanks a lot! Very well worked out sir. ;)

Also thanks to everybody for their replies :) 

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Earlier in this topic I asked for help with a Postkarte sent by a soldier named Nikolaus Schwinn. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to purchase two more sent by the same guy! Once again, if anyone can help me with what they say, it would be much appreciated. Here's one of them. I've been studying this script for the last couple of months, so let me test how well I am learning -- on the left side of the back does it say das paket ist gut angekommen vielen dank?


-- Tim



Here is the other one. Thanks again.



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Good morning gentlemen,


Dear Alwin,

Father was happy to receive your letter


Parcel arrived here in good shape. Many thanks.

I am delighted, that Hedwig is with you. I am well.

Many greetings...


Card has combined birthday and Easter greetings. Nikolaus (sender) wants to know if letters and parels have reached their destination and states that Easter parcel contains shoenails.



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That's an interesting factoid!  Presumably one doesn't send 'shoenails'  hobnails or copper cobbler's nails - by post unless they have been requested.  Seems an odd thing to need from home as opposed to from the QM.

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