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The Saxony/Reuss combo likely indicates a 13th Jager Batallion connection.  I posted this group a few years back elsewhere but, it fits here, as well.


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The last award (Kriegerverein 1866er?) still to be identified.



...another one with 1863/64, 1866 and 1870/71 awards.



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Hi Beau,

Good to hear from you. All that I have on him so far is that he is listed in the Hannover 1865 House and State Handbook as a premier lieutenant on the staff of the engineer corps. After 1866 he, like many other Hannoverians, continued his career in the Saxon army. My notes show that he served in the 2nd Co., Royal Saxon Pioneer Bn.

I should probably point out that his Hannover jubilee medal is a 21 April 1804/ 21 April 1904.

That’s about it.

Best wishes.

Wild Card

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Wild Card,

Here are some career dates for the original owner of your wonderful bar!!!


Carl Groschupf

21.08.41            born in Essen b. Wittlage in Hannover

15.11.23            died in Dresden


16.07.63    als Pionier 1. Kl. in Hannover. Ing. Komp. eingetr.

27.05.64     prov. Sek.Lt.

27.05.65     Prem.Lt.

15.01.67     aus dem Hann. Militär Dienste entlassen

01.04.67     als Oberlt. in sächs. Pion. B. 12 angestellt

01.07.68-31.10.69     Festungs Ingenieur auf Festung Königstein

15.09.70-10.01.71     Führ. d. mob. 2. Feld Pion. Komp.

05.06.72-21.01.75     Komp. Führ.

17.07.74     char. Hptm.

21.01.75     Hptm. m. Patent vom 17.07.74

01.08.75-01.04.78     zu den Fest. Bauten in Metz

01.04.81     zum Inf. R. 103

20.07.86     Major

01.04.87     Batl. Kom. im Inf. R. 133

29.04.90     als char. Oberstlt. z. Disp. gest.

Feldzüge:  1866 in Thüringen.  Schlacht b. Langensalza    1870/71:  Schlacht b. St. Privat, Einschließung von Metz, Belagerung von Paris, Ausfallgefecht von Bondy

 Source:  Stammliste d. Hannoverschen Pion. B. Nr. 10

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