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    • Although it's been a long time since the thread was originally posted, here's an answer about the different variations of the medal, based on published information and some observations I 've made. "Greek Medals" of George Stratoudakis show a table with the variations. 8 of the Gold and 6 of the Silver Cross. Not all of them are pictured, though. What can be considered a safe conclusion in my opinion is that both Silver and Gold Crosses made by Zimmermann and Godet are the earlier -and of higher quality - ones, awarded during the 1920s (possibly even 1930s?). Both variations come with a separate crown, made of two hollow, soldered halves. The Godet variation has a "thicker" impression of St. Demetrius on the obverse than the Zimmermann one, and it also has a "." next to "ΑΞΙΑι" on the reverse. There is another, rare variation of an unknown -and probably foreign- maker, also of high quality and with a separate, but solid crown, the blue of the enamel being of a much lighter shade and the central part being all gold.  The Spink and the greek-made variations (two of which are attributed to Anagnostopoulos and Kelaidis, the others still being unidentified) are of a single-piece construction, and of considerably lower quality than the earlier ones. The "1940" clasps were instituted in November 1940, with an Emergency Law that (re)instituted the War Medals. Two types, with a slightly different font exist. Contemporary photographs of the Greek-Italian War, though, show Silver Crosses being awarded by Crown Prince Paul himself, without the clasps. My guess is that the Crosses awarded during 1940/41 were ones of an older stock and that the Greek ones (possibly even the ones made by Spink?) are post-war made, awarded for actions committed during WW2, the Civil War of 1946-1949 and the Korean War, well into the 1950s. Even then, some clearly post-war awarded Crosses do not have a "1940" clasp attached.
    • Hello everyone, I recently got this badge from a well known auction site and for $10, it wasn't a bad pick up but I have no idea what it could be? Would anyone have any ideas? Thank  you all for your time.
    • Regarding the 1. grenadier regiment. Found these pictures of a Friedensrock
    • I hope someone loves the above Yemeni Order of Saba'a medals, but given my interest in the Order of Ismail, their design looks like scary chimera of Frankensteined leftovers from defunct Egyptian orders. I have an identification of an individual I have shown wearing an Order of Ismail that I am putting together for a future post, but I just want to add another few images of the Nishan al-Ismail to chase away how these Order of Saba'a images look like disarticulated insects to me.  Below are some moderate-low resolution images of what is identified as a 3rd Class Commander's neck badge of the Order of Ismail. These come from a July 2019 auction on the eMedals website(https://www.emedals.com/egypt-kingdom-an-order-of-ismail-in-gold-i-class-commander-by-j-lattes-c-1924). The badge was made by Lattes of Cairo and lacks the neck ribbon. The auction description calls it a "1st Class Commander" version of this award. The suspension loop on this example does appear to be that seen on the 3rd Class Commander configuration (but also see the variant shown in Owain's example made by Fahmy Tewfik Bichay in his post of 5 April, 2018 on this thread that clearly shows a circular loop attached to the crown suspension device attached that encircles the ribbon). However, that same form of suspension loop also was used for the neck badge of the 2nd Class Grand Officer Class and may be the most common form on the 1st Class Grand Cordon sash badge as well. Most examples of the 1st Class Grand Cordon sash badge seems to be attached with the same suspension loop, but they may be attached to the decorative knot of the sash slightly differently on some, although good images of this configuration are not common on auction sites, probably as fewer Grand Cordon sets are available. The Grand Cordon Order of Ismail in the photo of my post of 6 December, 2017 on this thread (by Lattes) is ambiguous in what kind of gold suspension loop is used to attach the sash badge to a cloth loop in the decorative knot of the sash. The example shown in the 4th photo of my post of 13 November, 2017 that also was made by Lattes exhibits the same suspension loop attachment of the sash badge, and the 3rd photo shows in that post shows it attached to a cloth loop on the sash's decorative bow. The Grand Cordon sash badge shown in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th photos of my post of 22 February, 2019 on this thread (made by Lattes) are the identical suspension loop to that used for the 2nd and 3rd Classes. The Grand Cordon set made by Tewfik Bichay illustrated in my post of 30 April, 2018 shows the same style of suspension loop as can be seen in the many available auction images of the 2nd and 3rd class badges of this award. The 28th and 29th photos (the 4th and 3rd from final images) in my post of 11 January, 2019 show the sash badge suspension loops for a Grand Cordon Grand Cordon sash badge made by Tewfik Bichay that also has the same style of suspension loop as the Lattes examples of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Class badges. The only clear suggestion of a different style of suspension loop unfortunately comes from an example of the Grand Cordon sash that lacks the sash badge. The last illustration in this post shows a suspension device attached to the cloth loop of the decorative sash knot from a past eMedals auction. I obviously cannot determine whether the normal suspension loop attached to the crown suspension device would have attached to this apparently brass (indicated by the green corrosion?) clip attached to the cloth loop on the sash bow by a circular loop. The auction description states that this badge measures 59.38 mm wide X 81.77 mm high (including the suspension device and loop). The weight is given as 40.1 g. Although the photo resolution is not good enough to see any of the hallmarks in any of the photos of this piece (or other details of interest) other than those visible on the close-up of the reverse of the central boss, the eMedals description states that it is "...hallmarked on the reverse, suspension, suspension loop, crown reverse...", indicting all the normal locations for hallmarks as shown in several of my previous posts on this thread. As discussed in my post of 13 December, 2018, the dimensions of the Grand Cordon sash badge, the Grand Officer neck badge, and the Commander neck badge all show overlapping size ranges. Unlike the breast star that is consistency larger for the 1st Class of this award (mostly 80 mm in diameter, with reported variance of 81 or 82 mm on a few examples) compared with that of the 2nd Class (70 mm in diameter), where size alone can distinguish which class a breast star represents, other elements are needed to securely identify the Grand Cordon sash badge and the Grand Officer neck badge from the Commander neck badge. The 40.1 g weight of this eMedlas example is quite a bit less heavy than the range reported for other 1st Class sash  badges, 2nd Class neck badges, or the 3rd Class neck badges that vary from ~47-49 g.  Obverse of the July 2019 eMedlas auction example identified as a 3rd Class Commander's neck badge. (From: https://www.emedals.com/egypt-kingdom-an-order-of-ismail-in-gold-i-class-commander-by-j-lattes-c-1924) Oblique obverse view of the same eMedals July 2019 3rd Class neck badge showing some good detail of the construction of this badge.  Reverse view of this same eMedals 3rd Class neck badge. Oblique view of the reverse of this same Commander's neck badge, useful in shown some construction aspects of this badge. Close -up via of the reverse boss of this same Commander's neck badge showing the "LATTES" hallmark and below it the three Egyptian precious metal hallmarks, right-left: the Cairo assay office mark for 18 carat gold; the ibis mark identifying Egyptian produced gold work; and the date letter of "Y" indicating manufacture in 1923-1924. The auction description correctly identifies all of these hallmarks.  High-resolution image of the suspension clip attached by a circular loop to a cloth loop on a 1st Class Grand Cordon Order of Ismail sash from a past eMedals auction (https://www.emedals.com/order-of-ismail-1915-a-sash-w01278). The material the clip his made from is not identified in the auction description. This example of the sash did not have the sash badge nor a breast badge associated with it. No probable manufacturer for this sash is identified in the eMedals description. This is the only image I have found showing such an attachment clip. As noted in the text above, I still have several questions about the attachment configuration (and potential variation) that is represented for the sash badge of the Grand Cordon Class of this award compared with the attachment of the Grand Officer's or Commander's neck badges. 
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