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    1. Members Notice Board

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    2. Great Britain & Commonwealth Realms

      1. Great Britain: Orders, Gallantry, Campaign Medals

        For Discussions on all aspects of British Civic Orders, Gallantry Awards, Military Campaign Medals, Long Service and Jubilee Medals (not specifically covered in Colonial or Commonwealth Sections) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

      2. Great Britain: Militaria: Badges, Uniforms & Equipment

        For Discussions relating to all aspects of British Militaria including: Swords, Firearms, Badges, Insignia, Uniforms, Headgear, & Equipment.

      3. Great Britain: Research, Documentation & History

        For topics relating to researched medal groups, research of British/Colonial servicemen & women or items of historical military interest.

      4. Great Britain: Mervyn Mitton's British & Colonial Police Forces

        Forum dedicated to the memory of Mervyn Mitton relating to the history of the British Police & Fire Services. It includes the many Colonial Police Forces of the Empire & Commonwealth.

      5. Great Britain: Empire: Colonial Including South Africa & India: Awards, Militaria & History

        Medals, Awards, Badges, Research, Militaria and History of the Empire to include wars & campaigns in colonies that were part of the British Empire such as South Africa India & Hong Kong

      6. Commonwealth Realms: Canada, New Zealand & Australia Medals & Militaria

        For discussions relating to Medals, Awards, Uniform, Equipment & History of Canada, New Zealand & Australia

    3. Germany:

      1. Deutsche Kaiserreich: Man spricht Denglish

        Deutsch sprechendes Forum. Während aller Zeiträume der deutschen Militärgeschichte.

      2. Germany: All Eras: Signature Database

        Post images of signatures that you own so we can start a comprehensive database of German official signatures from all eras.

      3. Germany: All Eras: The Iron Cross

        All Classes of Iron Cross awarded 1815 to 1945

      4. Germany: Imperial: The Orders, Decorations and Medals of The Imperial German States

        This section if for comprehensive discussion on the Awards and Decorations of the Imperial German States.

      5. Germany: Imperial: Rick (Research) Lundstrom Forum for Documentation and Photographs

        Forum established in memory of Rick (Research) Lundstrom 1956-2013 : Imperial German historical research, documentation and photographs

      6. Germany: Imperial Uniforms, Headwear, Insignia & Personal Equipment

        Uniforms, Helmets, Headwear, Insignia, Weapons, & Personal Equipment.

      7. Germany: Weimar Republic & Deutsche Freikorps

        Militaria & History of the Deutsches Reich 1919 to 1933

      8. 34.4k
      9. Germany: Third Reich: Uniforms, Headwear, Insignia & Equipment

        Third Reich Uniforms, Helmets, Headwear, Insignia, Weapons, Belt Buckles & Personal Equipment.

      10. 11.6k
      11. Germany: Third Reich: Research, Documentation & Photographs

        Historical research, documenation and photographs

      12. Germany: Post 1945: Bundesrepublik & DDR

        West Germany BDR, East Germany DDR & Reunification Bundesrepublik

    4. European States

      1. 12.6k
      2. 21.7k
      3. 17.7k
      4. Austro-Hungarian Empire

        For all Militaria, Orders, Medals & Decorations relating to Austria-Hungary 1867 to 1918

      5. France

        For discussions on the Awards & Militaria of the French Empires, Republics and Colonies

      6. Spain

        For all Militaria, Orders, Medals & Decorations relating to Spain including the Spanish Civil War.

      7. Türkiye

        For all posts relating to Turkish Militaria & History

    5. Russia

      1. Russia: Imperial

        For all Militaria, Medals & Decorations relating to the Imperial Russian Court

      2. Russia: Soviet Orders, Medals & Decorations

        For all Orders, Medals & Decorations relating to the United Soviet Socialist Republic Союз Советских Социалистических Республик (CCCP)

      3. Russia: Soviet: Other Militaria

        For all Militaria, Uniforms, Headgear & Equipment relating to the Soviet Union.

      4. Russian Federation

        For all Militaria, Medals & Decorations relating to the Russian Federation

    6. Rest of the World: Medals & Militaria

      1. Africa

        Awards and Medals of the African Nations. Medals directly relating to Colonial Powers should be posted in the relevant country i.e. Great Britain or France etc

      2. China

        Medals and Militaria of Imperial, Nationalist and Communist Peoples Republic of China

      3. Republic of Cuba

        For all Militaria and Awards relating to the República de Cuba

      4. Middle East & Arab States

        For all Awards & Militaria relating to the Middle East & Arab States

      5. People's Republic Mongolia

        For all Militaria and Awards relating to the Бугд Найрамдах Монгол Ард Улс (Mongolian People's Republic).

      6. Japan

        For discussions relating to Militaria, Orders, Medals Decorations of Japan

      7. South East & East Asia

        For discussions on the Militaria, Awards & Decorations of Vietnam, Korea & other South East Asian Countries.

      8. South Asia

        For all Awards & Militaria relating to South Asian Republics including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar/Burma, India & Pakistan.

      9. United States of America

        For discussions relating to Militaria, Orders, Medals Decorations and Military History of the United States of America.

      10. Rest of the World: Militaria & History

        Discusions on Militaria from around the world, not already covered in main categories.

    7. Military History by Period

      1. Napoleonic Wars

        For discussion on all aspects of the period between 1750-1815 including the Seven Years War, American War of Independence, Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812.

      2. The Great War 1914 to 1918

        For discussions relating to the military history of The Great War.

      3. World War II 1939 to 1945

        For discussions relating to the history of The Second World War.

      4. Modern Campaigns and Conflicts

        For discussions relating to Post WWII Conflict and War. Including Korea, Vietnam, Malaya, Oman, The Balkans and Northern Ireland. It includes current ongoing Conflicts and War Zones. i.e. Iraq & Afghanastan.

    8. Special Interest Section

      1. Document Archive Support

        Discussion links to articles and files uploaded

      2. 1.9k
      3. Inter-Allied Victory Medals of the Great War

        Victory Medals of the allied countries of World War I

      4. Masonic Medals & Jewels

        For discussions relating to Masonic Medals & Jewels.

      5. Coins & Commemorative Medallions

        This section is for the subject of MILITARY related coins and medallions.

      6. Preservation & Restoration of Military Artifacts

        Need to know the correct way to preserve or restore items in your collection. Look no further.

      7. Military Art

        Discussions for the artistic amongst us. Covers paintings, drawing, photography and modelling.

      8. Non Military Collectibles & Antiques

        What else do you collect?

      9. 8.4k

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      • Found this photo buried on my hard drive.  Anyone recognize the gold cross between the Hindenburg Cross and the long service medal? 
      • What a great picture ... but please let me add: Von Hutier is wearing the Commemorative Badge for the 70th birthday of Kaiser Wilhelm II, so the picture has to be after January 1929. He is also wearing something else, I cannot identify. Can anyone help? Thanks!   
      • Gentlemen, this is what I have for Emil Oskar von Hutier, any additions or corrections very welcome:   15.4.1875 Sekondeleutnant (2nd Lieutenant) 6.12.1883 Premierleutnant (1st Lieutenant) 20.9.1890 Hauptmann (Captain) 30.5.1896 Major 12.9.1902 Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel) 15.9.1905 Oberst (Colonel) 22.3.1910 Generalmajor (Major General) 22.4.1912 Generalleutnant (Lieutenant General) 27.1.1917 General der Infanterie (General of the Infantry)   Red Eagle Order (Roter Adlerorden), 4th Class (PRAO4/PrA4) Prussian Centenary Medal 1897 (Zentenarmedaille) Order of Orange-Nassau, Commander's Cross (NN3) Prussian Long Service Cross for 25 years (Königlich Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz; DA/PDK) Prussian Order of the Crown (Preußischer Kronenorden), III. Class China Commemorative Medal (China-Denkmünze) in Steel for non-combatants in 1901 Saxe-Ernestine House Order, Commander 2nd Class (HSEH2b/HSH2b) Red Eagle Order, 3rd Class with the Bow (mit der Schleife) Prussian Order of the Crown, 2nd Class (PKrO2) on 13 September 1906 Southwest Africa Commemorative Medal (Südwest-Afrika Denkmünze) in Steel for non-combatants in 1907 Mecklenburg Order of the Griffon (Großherzoglich Mecklenburgischer Greifenorden), Commander's Cross (MG2b) House and Merit Order of Peter Frederick Louis, Ehren-Komturkreuz or Honorary Commanders Cross (OV2b) Baden Order of the Zähringer Lion (Orden vom Zähringer Löwen), Commander 2nd Class (BZL2b/BZ2b) Grand Ducal Hessian Ludwig (Ludewig) Order, Knight's Cross 1st Class (GHL3a/HL3a) on 11 June 1909 Hesse Order of Merit of Philip the Magnanimous (Verdienstorden Philipps des Großmütigen), Commander 2nd Class (HP2b) Red Eagle Order, 2nd Class with Oak Leaves on 21 January 1912 Bavarian Military Merit Order, II. Class with Star (BMV2mSt) Hesse Order of Merit of Philip the Magnanimous (Verdienstorden Philipps des Großmütigen), Grand Cross (HP1) Saxon Albert Order (Albrechts-Orden), Grand Cross (SA1) Danish Order of Dannebrog, Grand Cross (DD1) Royal Victorian Order, Honorary Grand Cross (GV1) Star and Crown to his Red Eagle Order 2nd Class with Oak Leaves on 2 June 1913 Order of the Star of Romania, Grand Cross (RmSt1/RumSt1)   WWI Iron Cross (1914), 2nd and 1st Class ... 2nd Class on 13 September 1914 ... 1st Class on 20 September 1914 Swords to his Bavarian Military Merit Order II. Class with Star (BMV2mSt⚔) Swords to his Red Eagle Order 2nd Class with Oak Leaves, Star and Crown on 12 October 1915 Swords to his Saxon Albert Order Grand Cross (SA1⚔) Cross for Faithful Service (Fürstlich Schaumburg-Lippisches Kreuz für treue Dienste 1914; SLK) Hessian Bravery Medal (Hessische Tapferkeitsmedaille; HT) Hamburg Hanseatic Cross (Hamburgisches Hanseatenkreuz; HH) Lübeck Hanseatic Cross (Lübeckisches Hanseatenkreuz; LübH/LüH) Bremen Hanseatic Cross (Bremisches Hanseatenkreuz; BremH/BH Princely House Order of Hohenzollern, Cross of Honour 1st Class with Swords (HEK1⚔) Bavarian Military Merit Order, I. Class with Swords (BMV1⚔) Pour le Mérite with Oak Leaves ... Pour le Mérite on 6 September 1917 ... Oak Leaves on 23 March 1918 Saxon Military Order of St. Henry, Knight's Cross (SH3) and Commander 2nd Class (SH2b) on 16 November 1917 Gallipoli Star (Eiserner Halbmond; TH) Turkish Liakat Medal in Silver with Sabers (TL2⚔) Turkish Imtiaz Medal in Silver with Sabers (TI2⚔/TJ2⚔) Saxon Military Order of St. Henry, Commander 1st Class (SH2a) on 7 May 1918 Red Eagle Order, 1st Class with Oak Leaves and Swords on 23 July 1918 Prussian House Order of Hohenzollern, Commander's Cross with Star and Swords (HOH2a⚔) on 15 October 1918   Post-war (excerpt) Commemorative Badge for the 70th birthday of Kaiser Wilhelm II (Erinnerungszeichen zum 70. Geburtstag Kaiser Wilhelms II.) in January 1929 Honour Cross of the World War 1914/1918 with Swords    
      • Below is an image of a District Courts badge from a 9 July, 2021 auction (78) by Leiloeira São Domingos, Lot 4 (https://www.leiloeirasaodomingos.pt/lote/0/2015.78/0/0/0/0/4/0). The description identifies the size of the badge as 12 x 9 cm and gives an approximate weight of 163 g. No photograph of the reverse is included, but it is stated to bear the "FROMENT-MEURICE" mark on the reverse. It was offered with its original case, but no photo of the case is included in the auction listing. This badge is identified as being that of a Portuguese judge on the Mixed Courts.      This gold and silver badge from the 9 July, 2021 auction (78) by Leiloeira São Domingos, Lot 4 is consistent with Froment-Meurice workmanship. The calligraphy on the central tablet is consistent with some Group 2 inscriptions, as outlined in my comparative post on this thread of 6 September, 2021. The form of the script matches the examples shown in the 8th and 9th photos of that post, one a silver badge associated with the Greek Court official Apostolo N. Gennaropoulo from a past eBay auction. The other most similar calligraphy is on a badge from a July 2015 auction by Clark Auction Gallery, Lot 0235, archived on the liveauctioneers.com website (https://www.liveauctioneers.com/price-result/silver-froment-meurice-egyptian-badge/). The Clark Auction badge was resold a 19 June, 2022 auction by Helios Auctions (Auction #33, Lot 43, with very high resolution images of the badge. The listing is archived on the invaluable.com website (https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/a-rare-ottoman-empire-egypt-judges-badge-by-frome-2d040dba00), also including very high resolution images of that badge. It also is archived on the (https://www.liveauctioneers.com/price-result/a-rare-ottoman-empire-egypt-judge-s-badge-by-froment-meurice/). I illustrated images (and identified it as the same badge as the 2015 Clark Auction Gallery offering) in the 1st-5th and the 8th photos of that post of 19 June, 2021 on this thread. The 5th photo  in that 19 June, 2021 post is good for comparing with the above Leiloeira São Domingos auction badge. The tugra is in the correct orientation, slightly rotated ~30°-40° to the right as seen on all Froment-Meurice badges. The badge is identified to have belonged to the Portugues jurist Alberto de Sousa Larcher.    The 50th anniversary volume about the Mixed Courts (Les Juridictions Mixtes d'Égypte 1876-1926 Livre d'or Édité sous le Patronage du Conseil de l’Ordre des Avocats á l’Occasion du Cinquantenaire des Tribunaux de la Réforme, par le journal des Tribunaux Mixtes. Alexandrie, Egypte) identifies Alberto de Sousa Larcher (with the alternate spelling of his last name "de Souza") as a Legal Advisor (Conseiller) to the Appeals Court of Court of Appeal of St. Paul de Loanda (Portuguese Guinea, in the W African colony of Senegal). He was named to the District Court of Mansourah on 28 April, 1891. He resided in Port Said and was transferred to the District Court in Alexandria on 2 January, 1896. De Sousa Larcher was promoted to Conseiller on the Court of Appeals 4 December, 1902, replacing the French judge M. Ballet. Alberto de Sousa Larcher reached the age limit of 70 (for the Appeals Court, the age limit for the district Courts was 65) on 31 October 1920. The above gold and silver District badge dates to the time of his service on the District Courts, probably close to his original appointment in 1891. The above photo shows that the badge is in excellent condition with no loss of enamel. De Sousa was awarded the 1st Class Grand Cordon Order of the Nile upon his retirement. A Facebook citation (https://www.facebook.com/carasdeportalegre/posts/alberto-de-sousa-larcherjuiz-e-comendador-da-ordem-de-cristonatural-desta-cidade/1792956080940736/ states that he also was a past recipient the Commander Class Portuguese Military Order of Christ (Ordem Militar de Cristo) and that he died on 1 December, 1929, but gives his age as 81 on that date.    
      • Hey all, picked up this Hungarian P.R. 25 year Defense of the Motherland. Working on completing the set.   Say we'll my friends    Greg    
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